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4 out of 5 stars
Yedimasa bahçe içinde

Located in Club Quartier’s lush garden, Yedimasa (which translates to “seven tables”) could best be described as a cabin surrounded by glass walls. The eatery has enough seating to accommodate 28 people, including an awfully romantic table for two in one corner. In addition to serving classic meyhane dishes, Yedimasa also experiments with seasonal flavors like the wheat berry-pomegranate salad. You wouldn’t expect it from the eatery’s secluded location, but the prices are actually quite reasonable, with a sumptuous dinner costing around 100 TL per person. Be sure to try the shrimp and topik (a meze made with chickpeas, potatoes, onions, currants, cumin and tahini).


Venue name: Yedimasa
Address: Hülya Sokak 5

Static map showing venue location