Yüzevler Kebap

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They excel not only in kebabs, but also ‘çiğ köfte’(meatballs of raw ground beef, pounded wheat and red pepper) and liver kebab. The servings are a good size, and the service and cleanliness are also satisfying. The‘şalgam suyu’ (turnip juice) served with the meals, is also imported from Adana. The restaurant is almost always full; reservations are required both during the week and on the weekend. Aubergine salad, gavurdağı (spicy tomato, onion and parsley salad), ‘tulum’cheese, mini ‘fındık’ lahmacun, mini pides and ‘puf pide’ are all options for starters. The ‘çöp şiş’(meat on skewers) is served mixed with liver so if you have an aversion to liver, we recommend alerting the serving staff. You can’t leave the table without trying the chef’s Adana, but if you prefer white meat, then try the Ali Nazik with chicken.


Venue name: Yüzevler Kebap
Address: Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi İstasyon Caddesi 21

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