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Zarifi meyhane

Zarifi Restaurant which carries the reflections of Pera, serves the best examples of Turkish, Greek, Armenian, Sephardic, Arabian and Ottoman cuisines. Chef İbrahim Çelik has prepared 3 different fix menus- Greek, Balkan and Pera- in order to reflect the musical character of Zarifi. Highlights of these menus are tarama (special dish from fish’s roes), plum stuffed calamari, Greek style grilled octopus with noodles, ‘Arap Aşı’ soup with ‘cacık’ (cold dish of diluted yogurt, cucumbers and garlic), hünkar beğendi, lakerda (salt-cured bonito), kalamata olives, şulina, pirşuta, cerviş, tavçema and tarator (meze dish with walnuts). On Fridays and Sundays, you can enjoy your meal with a live fasıl program. Their play list includes Greek songs and Balkan ‘Sevdalinka’s as well as Turkish classics, pop and special remixes.


Venue name: Zarifi & İstiklal Meyhanesi
Address: Çukurluçeşme Sokak 11A

Opening hours: Fri-Sat 20.00-04.00; Sun- Thu 20.00-02.00.
Static map showing venue location