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Compared to before it is also easier to get supplies. The fact that they work together, instead of in separate studios creates a unique environment. “We enjoy the atmosphere of working together in a small space. We chat with the clients and on their second visit they feel comfortable enough to help themselves to tea etc.”, said Volkan. Sonat’s favorite type of client is someone who comes in with an idea but then feels comfortable enough to abandon it and leave it up to him. Volkan doesn’t like those who like to show off with the biggest of everything but then when it comes to tattoos they want something small. Sonat likes to work on portraits and Tuğrul likes to work on color illustrations. Volkan has been working on realistic pieces and color for the past few years. Since they began working together in the studio they have removed all the catalogs. “We don’t want people to come in and pick a design from a catalog, otherwise people end up having the same tattoos, as if it is a factory. It takes the creativity out of it and you can’t create your own style. So we got rid of all the catalogs. We ask people to tell us about their style and we try to draw something they might like, if not we draw it again, and worst case scenario we encourage them to bring in their own designs as a starting point that we then personalize. We don’t want to reproduce the same design for more than one person,” says Sonat. 


Bağdat Caddesi Tangüller Apartmanı, 358/B
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