Interview: Raisa and Vanessa Sason

Begüm Egeli Bursalıgil chats with twins Raisa and Vanessa Sason about their new capsule collection for Trendyol
Raisa and Vanessa
By Time Out Istanbul editors |

You designed your first bag at the age of 15. When did you decide to pursue fashion design as a profession?
Raisa “After we got our start with bags in high school, we went on to design bikinis and apparel for a polo team outside of Turkey. But as soon as we designed our first bag, we knew we wanted to be in this business.”

What was the best part of designing a capsule collection for Trendyol?
Raisa “We used to brainstorm ideas on how to put together a collection that’s both accessible and affordable. When Trendyol called us up, what excited us the most was the idea of creating a collection that anyone could buy.”

Raisa & Vanessa is best known as a couture brand. How do you adapt your designs to today’s fast-paced lifestyle?
Vanessa “Street style has started to have a huge impact on fashion. Designs we thought would be impossible to see on the runway 20 years ago are now being embraced by couturiers. The reason behind this is the increasing influence of street style on fashion trends. Tech products and innovative fabrics are also a part of our lives these days, and they enable us to design pieces we normally couldn’t.”

We have to ask: do you often come up with similar designs, being identical twins and all?
Raisa “Our passion for design was actually born out of the fact that we’re twins. We were in the same predicament as every other pair of twins – namely, being dressed the same by our family – so we decided to modify our look, starting with our clothes. We’re still influenced by our differences.” 

Raisa & Vanessa Showroom, Halil Paşa Yalısı 3, Arnavutköy.,

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