Interview: Rüya Büyüktetik

After making a name for herself by incorporating timeless pieces into her style with, Rüya Büyüktetik continues her partnership with Mija in the Fall/Winter season.

Rüya Büyüktetik
By Time Out Istanbul editors |

How did you decide to go into design?
I was thrilled when I got the offer to put together a collection for Mija. I already enjoyed using the brand’s products, so I didn’t hesitate to say “yes” to this exciting partnership. Our first project, the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, received great feedback, and now we’re working on the Fall/Winter collection.

What’s the source of inspiration for your collections?
We went entirely in the direction of what I enjoy wearing. As someone who has experience in the corporate world, I really needed key pieces that I could wear socially but also in an office setting. We started from here, and the result was functional and timeless pieces in great cuts, with high-quality fabric and stitching.

How do bloggers influence people’s approach to design?
I think that successful bloggers who do their job well form a very real connection with their followers. Our followers are influenced by what we wear, share and our approach to life more than we can imagine. In a way, we shape their preferences. That’s why we have to make a contribution to the industry instead of just being individuals who dress nicely and carry clothes well. We have to constantly innovate ourselves and work harder.

Besides your own brand, where do you shop in Istanbul?
Zara is a lifesaver for me, since it’s very close to my house. İpekyol and Machka are two other brands that I can’t live without. Other than that, if I’m attending a special event, my first choice is always Turkish designers.

What are your top three pieces this season?
Instead of seasonal shopping, I prefer to add pieces to my wardrobe that I can use at all times. I’ll also go for the timeless pieces from this season’s trends. I will definitely add an elegant leather jacket, a dress with romantic detailing and a shirt with Victorian elements to my wardrobe. These are not only my top three items of the season but also long-lasting investment pieces.

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