Lithium Tattoo/ Budakan Tamer

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Lithium Tattoo/ Budakan Tamer

Budakan does freehand, personalized tattoos, without transferring and without the use of a catalog. After determining the main shape he just starts to freehand the rest, stating that “otherwise it’s not art but it turns into a craft”. He enjoys realistic, 3D, gothic and ‘dark side’ pieces the most. Up until a few years ago he really preferred working in black & gray but now he enjoys working with color as well. When we asked if he has ever refused doing a tattoo he said, “the shape needs to be compatible with the person’s body type but sometimes they want something that I know will not look aesthetically pleasing on them. In those cases I prefer not to do it. Sometimes a tattoo can look great on the leg but not so great on the arm. But they can’t see it the way I do. I also don’t like doing name tattoos that significant others or husbands and wives want to get together.” He tells us that having knowledge of art is very important. If not, even if you’re doing a transfer, it could cause problems. 


Venue name: Lithium Tattoo/ Budakan Tamer
Address: Bahariye Caddesi Palas Apartmanı 106/3

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