Negatif Body Art Workshop

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They are very careful when it comes to hygiene. Every bench, seat, and floor lamp is covered with Saran Wrap after each client. Apart from that, the fact the needles are single-use and every material is disposable makes sterilization unnecessary. Even so there is a multi-use autoclave just in case. When it comes to his pet peeves and favorite clients, “What I hate most is when someone calls and asks if I do a good job tattooing and if I work under sterile conditions. Who would ever admit to being a bad artist and/or working under unhygienic circumstances? Go and see for yourself, talk to the artist, see if you understand each other. Perhaps you just won’t get along, perhaps you won’t like that artists’ style.”


Venue name: Negatif Body Art Workshop
Address: Kadife Sokak (Barlar Sokağı) 6/1,

Static map showing venue location