MindBody Festival

Things to do, Classes and workshops

From June 6-8 at santralistanbul our city will be hosting the MindBody Festival, a weekend conference focused on yoga, spirituality, nutrition, culture and community. Seminars and workshops led by Turkish and international teachers give participants an opportunity to both move their bodies and expand their minds. This festival is great for practitioners of all kinds of yoga, as teachers come from the Ayurvedic, Ashtanga, Hatha, Jin, Vinyasa and several other traditions. Pilates, tai chi, and various dance forms are also represented. The seminars are equally intriguing: a whirling dervish will speak on the meaning of Sufi rituals, an actress will discuss the mind-body relationship in drama, and an aromatherapist will share insights into the psychology of fragrance, while other speakers will discuss everything from shamanism to relationships. Childcare will be provided on the premises, and a healthy food court will meet all your dietary needs. Don't miss the MindBody Festival, which promises to be nurturing and fascinating. For more information, visit mindbodyfestival.com.