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Best Thanksgiving books for kids and families

Thanksgiving books for kids are the perfect way to end a fun, food-filled holiday. What will you read first?

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Dorkys Ramos
Danielle Valente

When you can't possibly have another helping of turkey or scoop of stuffing, take a load off with great Thanksgiving books for kids. After a busy afternoon of chowing down, you're going to want to unwind with a few good stories. 

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Our roundup has something for all ages—from The Night Before Thanksgiving to Junie B Jones' holiday tale. All that's left to do is find a cozy blanket and youngsters in need of a little entertainment. Happy reading! 

After you've turned the final page of those Thanksgiving books for kids, grab the whole crew for a marathon of Thanksgiving movies for kids while munching on delicious holiday desserts (perhaps some of the best hot chocolate in NYC is in order). 

Best Thanksgiving books for kids

Give your kids the full scoop on this fall holiday with Natasha Wing's beloved children's book. Each page is filled with details about what goes into the preparation—making delicious food, spending quality time with loved ones and of course, giving thanks before indulging in a scrumptious dinner. Ages 4–8. 

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? You guessed it—the turkey! (Understandably so.) In this giggle-inducing picture book, Turkey goes under cover to ensure that he doesn't end up as the main dish at the holiday dinner. Your tots will love the adventure that comes along with Turkey dodging trouble. Ages 3–7. 


First grade can be challenging, and Junie B is certainly feeling the struggle. She and her classmates have a holiday assignment to compile a list of things they're most thankful for this year—and there's a delicious prize awarded to the winning students. She can't quite fulfill the task...unless her teacher wouldn't mind reading a list of things she doesn't like! It's time to step up the game—after all, a pie is at stake for Room One. Ages 6–9.

Teaching your tots how to read? This holiday book is the perfect way to introduce them to rhymes, numbers and a fun story as 10 big 'ol turkeys pull out all the stops during the holiday. It's a quick, entertaining read to tackle before or after dinner. Ages 3–5.


This story follows the life of Squanto, who was kidnapped from his Patuxet village at the age of 12 by the Spanish and sold to slavery. He grows up among the monks and returns to America years later to find that his village has been wiped out by an epidemic. He relies on his faith in God and later finds himself coming to the aid of the newly settled Pilgrims who are suffering from starvation. Ages 5–10.

This one’s for the animal lovers. The classic Christmas poem is reworded to tell the tale of eight kids who visit a turkey farm and are horrified to learn that the turkeys will be killed for Thanksgiving feasts. The group helps the birds escape their fate and force their families to go vegetarian for Thanksgiving. Ages 3–5.

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