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Photograph: Courtesy Pixabay + Jill Wellington

The best Christmas gifts that kids will love

Starting holiday shopping? We found the best Christmas gifts that are perfect for kids—dolls, clothes, kits and more!

Allie Early
Written by
Danielle Valente
Allie Early

Santa, you might want to watch out: Time Out is giving you some stiff competition with the best Christmas gifts for little New Yorkers. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

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Parents are bound to find the perfect present for their little ones with our selections from the best New York toy store locales and kids clothing stores. From sweaters and hats to stuffed animals and dolls, our list has a little bit of everything. Plus, you can check out what's new a Clixo, a new toy store that just debuted in Clinton Hill. Even better? FAO Schwarz just teamed up with Target for an awesome—and accessible—collection. (Yes, the giant piano is included). 

Until the big day arrives, make sure to take advantage of the best (soically distanced) Christmas events for kids happening throughout the city! It's been a rough year, but we'll help you make the most wonderful time of the year special for your tots. Happy holidays, everyone. 

Best Christmas gifts for kids

Abacus Brands Bill Nye's VR Science Kit
Courtesy Abacus Brands

1. Abacus Brands Bill Nye's VR Science Kit

Is there a better science teacher out there than Bill Nye? In this virtual reality lab, kids can follow along as the beloved educator guides them in over 30 projects. Prepare to get a little messy: The likes of beakers, baking soda, paint and other knick knacks await. $60,   

Sour Patch Kids Lip Gloss
Courtesy Sour Patch

2. Sour Patch Kids Lip Gloss

Not only has your favorite candy set up a new permanent store in NYC, but it also sells a slew of stocking stuffers that will delight all of those with a sweet (or sour) tooth. This lip gloss six pack includes flavors like RedBerry and Lime—a hit in candy or makeup form. $8,

Make your own edible cookie (play) dough & apron kit
Photograph: Courtesy Shutterstock

3. Make your own edible cookie (play) dough & apron kit

Two local powerhouses, DŌ and Craft Studio NYC, have joined forces to create every kid's dream: a DIY cookie dough kit. Don't worry, parents: It's edible and bakeable. $45,

Snowman Gummy Kebob
Courtesy: Dylan's Candy Bar + Asha Fuller

4. Snowman Gummy Kebob

Nothing is sweeter than the holidays at Dylan's Candy Bar. Seasonal kebabs are chewy, fruity sweets that scream "Let it snow"! $6,

Boy Meets Girl
Courtesy: Boy Meets Girl

5. Boy Meets Girl

Together with Cre8ive Crayonz, Boy Meets Girl is working to showcase creative businesses, and these meaningful t-shirts are the perfect way to make a statement. $29, 

FAO Schwarz Toy Plush 13" Bear in Silver Jacket
Courtesy: FAO Schwarz

6. FAO Schwarz Toy Plush 13" Bear in Silver Jacket

In a new collaboration, FAO Schwarz and Target team up with a fantastic and accessible toy list that will wow little ones. This sweet teddy serves up holiday and intergalactic vibes with a jacket we might all need this winter. $20,

FAO Schwarz Giant 69" Dance-On Piano Mat
Courtesy: FAO Schwarz

7. FAO Schwarz Giant 69" Dance-On Piano Mat

Dance-on piano mat. Need we say more? $40, 

Courtesy: Clixo + Toyish Labs

8. Clixo

A new Clinton Hill shop dedicated to these origami-block hybrid toys has impressed neighbors who are searching endlessly to keep their kids engaged. Stacking and restructuring are all part of the process that will lead children toward an inventive masterpiece. Starting at $30,

Unicorn Hat
Photograph: Courtesy Appaman

9. Unicorn Hat

Bring on those New York winters! When the cold weather hits, your wee unicorns can stay snug (and magical) with some adorable knit headgear. $36,

The Chameleon
Photograph: Courtesy The Big Potato

10. The Chameleon

Got dealt the Chameleon card? Don't blow your cover—every player is trying to find it! This lighthearted game is a great pastime to tackle after a filling holiday dinner. $20,

FAO Schwarz Teddy
Time Out/Ali Garber

11. FAO Schwarz Teddy

We're getting some Nutcracker vibes from these posh plush! There's no doublt that this bear will take the task of guarding Santa's cookie plate seriously. $45,

FAO Train Set
Time Out/Ali Garber

12. FAO Train Set

What Christmas tree is complete without little locomotives beneath? Let your conductor set up shop near your Douglas fir with a 33-piece kit that includes a small wooden track and decorative trinkets. $45,

JoJo Siwa Rollerskates
Photograph: Courtesy Nickelodeon

13. JoJo Siwa Rollerskates

Your local roller rink is in for a pop of color: JoJo Siwa's rainbow beauties will make a splash from the moment your kids glide into a skating session. $60,

Photograph: Courtesy

14. Dino

Toddlers can take a literal ride on the wild side with a portable triceratops that they can also feed. Who could say no to hanging out with a dino? $79, 

Photograph: Courtesy ZURU

15. Rainbocorns

Add a little mystery to your Christmas season with Rainbocorns, one of the latest surprise toys to hit the shelves. Once the egg hatches, kids will discover a brightly hued, scented plush, plus trinkets such as a birth certificate for their new friend and a charm bracelet. $25, 

SpongeBob Popcorn Maker
Photograph: Courtesy Nickelodeon

16. SpongeBob Popcorn Maker

If you can’t order a Krabby Patty straight from the Krusty Krab, your next best bet is snagging a SpongeBob-themed popcorn maker. Put this kitchen gadget to good use during your next family movie night. $36,


17. Pomsies

Folks can't wait to get their hands on these furry friends, and for good reason: They light up, purr and tell you when they feel tired, cold or hungry. Did we mention that they're beyond cute? $15, (and other retailers)

Unstable Unicorns
Photograph: Courtesy Unstable Unicorns

18. Unstable Unicorns

This hilarious strategy-based card game for older kids pits up to six friends against each other to build a unicorn army and attack other players with the help of magical creatures. $20,

L.O.L. Surprise Secret Message Jewelry

19. L.O.L. Surprise Secret Message Jewelry

This isn’t your usual jewelry-making kit: Kids use stickers and surprise charms to customize homemade bracelets and necklaces with secret messages. All kits include a secret-message decoder. $11,

Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk
Photograph: Courtesy UncommonGoods

20. Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk

Feeling magical? Gift these pastel and shimmering-gold unicorn-horn sidewalk chalks to your kids for their next masterpiece.  $15,

Rescue Runts
Photograph: Courtesy KD Kids

21. Rescue Runts

Pet lovers can now adopt a scruffy stray of their own! Each pup comes with pretend fleas, dirty paws and tearful eyes. New pet parents can use the included grooming kit to clean up their furry friend. Various prices,

Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment Game

22. Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment Game

Psst: You don’t have to leave home to try an escape room. Players have to solve 19 physical and mental puzzles to unlock clues before the one-hour timer runs out and you’re all turned into werewolves! $27,

Light Racer Kit
Photograph: Courtesy Tech Will Save Us

23. Light Racer Kit

Get your glow on with these do-it-yourself flashing-LED bike lights. The kit comes with everything your child will need to build their own lights, which will make their time on the road safer. $15,

DIY Miniature Model Kit: Gracie’s Greenhouse
Photograph: Courtesy Fat Brain Toys

24. DIY Miniature Model Kit: Gracie’s Greenhouse

Pint-size perfectionists will dig assembling this lifelike model greenhouse. It comes with faux flowers and gardening tools, paint and even tweezers to get the details right. $35,

Roll Up Rainbow piano
Photograph: Courtesy MoMA Design Store

25. Roll Up Rainbow piano

Music time just got a lot more flexible: This roll-up piano comes with a play-by-color songbook and seven different piano tones, as well as recording and playback options. $60,

Rocketship nightlight
Photograph: Courtesy UncommonGoods

26. Rocketship nightlight

The sky’s the limit! Your kid’s dreams will reach the stars near the glow of this enchanting night-light. $60,

Smart Soccer ball
Photograph: Courtesy DribbleUp

27. Smart Soccer ball

This is no ordinary soccer ball! It can connect to phones and tablets to measure and record movements, keep track of skill and training progress, and act as a virtual coach to help kids improve their game. $From 99,

Mini Grand piano
Photograph: Courtesy Crate & Kids

28. Mini Grand piano

Kiddos can take baby steps toward perfecting their musical chops with a tot-friendly 18-key piano. $80,

Unicorn Headphones
Photograph: Courtesy H&M

29. Unicorn Headphones

Groove to the beat while rocking this headband-like set of headphones. We're feeling sparkly. $23,

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