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Five great cocktails from the UK’s first rotational concept bar

Written by
Joe Saxon

Its pop-up bar The Rum Shack was a summer success and now cocktail pioneer The Hedonist Project has taken up permanent residence in the trendy Lower Briggate area of Leeds with a new, Scotch themed new drinking establishment: The Liquor Store & Whisky Parlour

Still, if you’re not a whisky lover, a blended malt man or a single grain gal, fear not – The Hedonist Project will be changing its identity every three months to focus on a different alcoholic beverage. Each transformation will not only see the food and drinks menu change, but also the décor and even the background music.

But for now, it’s all about the Scotch. With over 60 fine whiskies, there’s plenty for connoisseurs, with an extensive list of cocktails, too.

Here are five concept cocktails you need to try:

1. Rare Old Fashioned

Justin Gardner

If a whisky bar can’t get an Old Fashioned right, then something’s gone wrong. This new take on the whisky classic is infused with heritage – quite literally. Made with two single malt whiskies, demerara sugar syrup and spiced bitters, your glass is smoked by torching an old whisky stave to infuse it with the barrel’s oakiness.

2. Blood and Strand 

Justin Gardner

The traditional Blood and Sand gets its name after the 1922 silent film, but this zingy cocktail gets its moniker from the beach that its key component – Caol Ila – originates from. The mixologists at The Hedonist Project have removed the orange from the taste, but not from the nose, whipping together an orange foam that flavours the glass.

3. Oban-Wan Kenobi

Justin Gardner

In preparation for the upcoming 'Star Wars' film, The Hedonist Project bartenders have fashioned a unique cocktail featuring their own creation, a Highland liqueur containing Talisker whisky, fennel, cloves, eucalyptus and honey. It’s chilled by a Death Star shaped ice cube, ensuring you feel the force of this powerful concoction. 

4. Elgin Station Chief 

Justin Gardner

Neither shaken nor stirred, this is a unique alternative to the gin martini, replacing vermouth with 12-year-old Glen Elgin, adding a depth of caramel and roasted pear flavours. This is classy drink for a classy drinker and is ornamented with a vintage train ticket. A few of these and you know where you’re headed!

5. Port in a Storm

Justin Garnder

Possibly the most dramatic cocktail on the menu, the Talisker Port Ruighe that gives this drink its name is matured in ruby port casks and specially charred oak – but it’s the explosive finishing touch that makes it really stand out.

This nautically themed cocktail is served alongside a glass of solid carbon dioxide spewing a sea-salty mist. It also contains cherry brandy and absinthe so it won’t be the seasickness making you feel giddy!

The Hedonist Project, 156 Briggate, Leeds, LS1 4BU

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