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The 7 best spas in Liverpool

From mineral baths to Himalayan salt saunas, these stunning spas in Liverpool offer all sorts of soothing treatments

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This dazzling northern city is known for its brilliant nightlife scene, but don’t let that fool you – the scousers certainly know how to do rest and relaxation, too. Liverpool, and its surrounding areas such as Prescot and Knowsley, is dotted with stunning spas, from a Lush megastore in the centre of town to the tranquillity of luxury hotels, for whatever kind of pampering you’re after. 

Need some respite from all that sightseeing and boogieing? Well, you’ve got underground hydrotherapy pools, snow caves and Himalayan salt saunas to choose from, and that’s just the beginning. Grab your slumber mask, and have a read of our roundup of the very best spas in Liverpool – you’re in for a real treat.

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Top spas in Liverpool

1. Maya Blue Wellness

Head over to Stanley Dock and you’ll find this subterranean sanctuary hidden beneath the building. With ten treatment rooms and a dizzying array of professional therapies, a trip to Maya Blue Wellness is bound to leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored. Let the troubles of the day fade as you kick back amid the original red-brick arches, before heading to the relaxation area where you’ll find a tea garden filled with bean bags.

2. Thornton Hall

When you think of rest and relaxation, a snow cave may not immediately spring to mind. However, this is just one of the special treatments you can sample at Thornton Hall, which claims the therapy provides the ideal contrast to a hot sauna – and helps strengthen your immune system. More conventional treatments are also available, including indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pools, aromatherapy facials and body massages.


3. The Chill Out Spa

Knowsley, on the outskirts of Liverpool, is home to one of the city’s fanciest spas, the aptly named Chill Out Spa. It’s set within the magnificent 2,500-acre grounds of Knowsley Hall, with specialities including spa days for men and ones for pregnant women too. You’ll find all the usual treatments and facilities here, as well as an outdoor hot tub. It has won several awards and is a must for anyone seeking something truly indulgent.

4. Lush Spa

In 2019 the world’s biggest Lush store opened its doors in Liverpool city centre. Alongside shelf after shelf of the usual smellies, you’ll find a florist, perfume lab and small café, as well as a large spa on the top floor. Here you can bask in the sumptuous aromas that flood the whole store, while taking a sensory journey through your favourite Lush creations. Soak in a soothing mineral bath filled with natural oils and fragrant flower petals, or receive a deep-tissue massage. Rest assured that all products used by the Lush Spa team are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.


5. The Spa at Suites Hotel

The treatment centre and Spa at Suites Hotel in Knowsley offers luxurious surroundings and an emphasis on both mental and physical wellbeing. As well as all you’d expect from a spa, there’s a heat and ice-bath facility for anyone in need of deeper muscle support. More than 90 different treatments are available overall at this Good Spa Guide award-winner.

6. Formby Hall

Escape from the bustle of the city centre with a trip to this elegant spa set within a golf resort hotel. Offering both weekend packages and day courses, Formby Hall boasts top-quality facilities and treatments using only well-known brands. Their Himalayan Salt Sauna and Essence-infused Laconicum Cabin are sure to relax and recharge mind and body, while a dip in the hot tub (champagne in hand, naturally) is a glorious way to unwind.


This luxury spa at DoubleTree Hilton lives up to the hotel’s reputation for classy AF indulgence. The knowledgeable staff are more than happy to discuss your personal requirements to ensure you receive a well-tailored treatment. As well as sumptuous treatment rooms, Eforea also features a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and heated indoor swimming pool. For extra wholesome points, head to the spa lounge for one of their signature smoothies.

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