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  1. © Edward Beavers
    © Edward Beavers
    …dates Beyoncé has played on this tour so far.
  2. …press photographers allowed at any show – because the media used ‘unflattering’ pictures of the singer’s 2013 Super Bowl show.
  3. © Robin Harper
    © Robin Harper
    …the supposed worth of a prize offered at a charity auction by Team Bey, which included working backstage for a day and meeting ‘award-winning stylist’ Tina Knowles. Or, as she’s better known, Beyoncé’s mum.
  4. © Nick Farrell Photography
    © Nick Farrell Photography
  5. …strobe lights used in the show.

    Image: Robin Harper
  6. …hours spent hand-embroidering 30,000 Swarovski crystals on to a corset worn in the show. For comparison, it only took Neil Armstrong and his crew 200 hours to get to the moon and back.
  7. …the weight of the touring set in tons: equal to around 985 Beyoncés.
  8. © Parkwood Productions
    © Parkwood Productions
    …pairs of shoes made by Bey’s favourite designer, Stuart Weitzman, for the tour. Beyoncé claims to have ‘danced 1,000 miles in his shoes’.
  9. © Mason Poole
    © Mason Poole
    …seconds that an ultra-cute clip of Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter lasted on the big screen at the 2013 O2 leg of the Mrs Carter Tour, sending the crowd into a weeping frenzy.
  10. …seconds that Bey’s hair was stuck in an electric fan while she belted out ’Halo’ in Montreal. She still sang faultlessly and didn’t drop a note. Standard.

Beyoncé's 'The Mrs Carter Show' in numbers

As Queen Bey brings her latest tour to London for a second time, here are the show's vital statistics

Hoist that bunting and get Heathrow to vacuum the red carpet – Queen B is making a state visit, people. Her lavish Mrs Carter Show comes to The O2 for another six nights, so to get primed, familiarise yourself with some of the diva’s touring digits.
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