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She finds photoshoots freaky. ‘I feel slightly mad. I just came back from being at a photo session all day. Everything that’s happening now is so great. The only thing I’m finding bizarre is having my photo taken. It’s not just about being older. It’s harder now.’Photo © Fredrik Skogkvist
Destiny picks the musicians she works with. ‘I think I’ve always been slightly addicted to not repeating myself. When you’re doing something the first time around, it’s often the best time. I think “Blank Project” is about carrying on. Its that thing where you’re making something because you have to, but you don’t know how or why. I felt clarity when I heard RocketNumberNine’s sound. I met them on a rooftop, and knew it was meant to be.’Photo © Kim Hiorthoy
You should pity her husband. In a nice way. ‘There’s a line on the LP that goes, “Does my bum look big in these trousers?” Why? It’s the question I ask my husband the most. Do I believe him when he says “No”? Never!’Photo ©  Kim Hiorthoy
She reckons Sweden is a little unforgiving. ‘Everyone in Sweden has great hair and teeth, and is clean-cut and organised. When I moved back seven years ago, I felt like I’d come from a different universe. Not that I have really terrible hair and teeth! I guess I just felt I was absorbing too much space, y’know?’Photo © Kim Hiorthoy
She doesn’t find being a granny strange at all. ‘My grandson, Flynn was over at Xmas. He wanted graffiti pens and a record deck. He’s lovely, that crazy little nutter. Being a grandmother is one of the least strange things in my life. It makes more sense than a lot of things… like photoshoots!’Photo © Kim Hiorthoy

Five things you didn't know about Neneh Cherry

Ahead of her new album's release, the singer talks bums, Swedes and grandkids

By Oliver Keens
Teamed up with Four Tet, rhythmic juggernaut RocketNumberNine and guest vocalist Robyn, the always innovative Neneh Cherry drops her excellent new ‘Blank Project’ LP this week. She’s also just been announced as part of Saturday’s Field Day line-up in June. We gave her a call to get a few fresh and funky facts about the new album, and to find out how it feels to be a pop star grandma… 


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