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Hudson Mohawke
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Hudson Mohawke on happy hardcore, tattie scones and Kanye

Five things you need to know about the genre-blurring Glaswegian producer

By Tristan Parker

Dance music genius Hudson Mohawke has stamped his mark on a generation. He’s worked with Kanye West, he’s one half of banger machine TNGHT (with Lunice) and he’s produced mindwarping solo work. Ahead of his second album, ‘Lantern’ – which is full of gleaming future-funk, otherworldly R&B and twisted hip hop – Tristan Parker finds out there’s much more to the quiet and considered Mohawke.

1. He hammers happy hardcore at raves in Glasgow.

‘It’s something I do occasionally with [fellow DJs] Rustie and Jackmaster. People look down their nose at that type of music, but we grew up with it and it’s fun to play. It’s not done ironically – it’s a refreshing thing to do.’

2. He yearns for Scotland’s culinary comforts.

‘I miss tattie scones, or potato scones as you call them in England. Also, when I moved to London I was disappointed to learn that Greggs here don’t have the same menu as in Scotland – you can’t get macaroni pies, which I really miss.’

3. He’s undertaken some inspired antics while drunk.

‘I tried to pass myself off as 2 Chainz’s manager at Coachella, but then got arrested for it. It worked briefly until I was cuffed and escorted off. Also, in Japan I stumbled into Stevie Wonder’s personal van and ended up sitting with him and his team before being escorted off again.’

4. His karaoke song isn’t what you’d expect.

‘Justin Timberlake – “My Love”. I can get a little falsetto going and hit some high notes.’

5. Lego helps him build-up to a live show.

‘When I do gigs, I’ll have a random box of Lego on the rider. I find it therapeutic. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was a kid.’

6. He gets fed up of people asking him for Kanye gossip. 

‘I might mention something off-the-cuff and then suddenly it’s a headline article, so I tend not to speak about that side of things. One misplaced phrase and it’s all over the internet. People want Kanye stories, but I give him his privacy, because I appreciate he’s operating on such a different level.’

Hudson Mohawke releases ‘Lantern’ on June 16.


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