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Beliebers: we speak to Justin Beiber superfans

Meet the Beliebers

Justin Bieber goes to war with One Direction in the album charts this week. We asked two of his biggest online superfans how they became Beliebers

Written by
Kate Lloyd

Metti, 19, Washington DC
Followers: 86,300

‘What’s not to like about Justin? He’s made some mistakes, but he’s only human. Every time he comes on my screen, I can’t help but get emotional. I genuinely love him as a person. My love for Justin began in 2010. I was in the car listening to the radio and I heard “Somebody to Love”. His voice was so raw that it gave me goosebumps. I committed to becoming a Belieber.

‘His voice is angelic and golden. He’s a legend’

‘I tried to meet him for three years. I spent hours tweeting his crew hoping someone would notice. There were times when I wanted to give up but other Beliebers gave me hope. Through all the tears, I finally got my own individual meet and greet. I grabbed his side so tight for the picture and asked him to smile. (He didn’t, but he looked like he had a long day.) The next morning I woke up crying with joy. I went through so much to get that one moment of happiness.

‘When he took his three-year break, it was hard but I had a reality check: I started college, got a job and grew up. We both did. I took a break from him like he took a break from us. The fact he’s back, after everything he’s gone through, brings me utter joy. I’m proud of him.

‘I used to be a One Direction fan, so I don’t want to bash them. But if you compare Justin’s successes to One Direction’s, there’s a huge difference. They don’t treat their fans with respect most of the time. Everything they do seems forced. Justin’s music is original. His voice is angelic and golden. Not to spill any tea or anything but he did get discovered over YouTube on his own, not on an audition TV show where he was made to join a group because he wasn’t good enough. He’s a legend.’

Logan, 23, Nashville
Followers: 1,380,000

‘A lot of people assume that Justin Bieber fans are crazy, but I’m very much an average young adult. I just graduated from university and now work for an artist management firm. I started following Justin when he was posting covers on YouTube. I decided to start the Twitter account to keep Justin’s few fans updated on what he was doing. Then Justin got his big break. Now the account has 1.3 million followers.

‘Aside from his talent, I really became obsessed when I saw what Justin’s team was doing for his fans. It was inspiring to see his manager, Scooter Braun, go to venues where Justin was performing and hand out tickets to people who didn’t have them. So many artists are one hit wonders and don’t take time to truly build a fanbase, but Justin was different.

‘One Direction are great, but they owe a lot of their success to Justin’

‘The days and hours I have spent dedicating myself to being a fan are beyond anything I could ever count. It has all been worth it. Every time Justin retweets me it feels like he’s saying “Thank you”, and that’s a great feeling.

‘I went to watch him film his music video for “Mistletoe” and tweeted that I was there. Scooter reached out to me via Direct Message and had Justin’s bodyguard take me onto the set. I sat on the director’s chair and talked to Justin.

‘I think One Direction are great, but they owe a lot of their success to Justin. Simply put – he was the first pop heartthrob to have success in the social media age. His rise to stardom coincided with the rise of Twitter and Instagram, and the power of those social networks allowed his global fanbase to connect better than any fanbase of any artist. Because of that, there’s not a single more loyal fanbase in this world than Justin Bieber’s.’

Justin Bieber’s new album ‘Purpose’ is out on Friday November 13.

Meet the Directioners

Meet the Directioners
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One Direction go to war with Justin Bieber in the album charts this week. We asked two of their biggest online superfans how they became Directioners. 

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