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Novelist’s party tips

Lots of booze, lots of bass and no loudmouth MCs – south London grime MC Novelist gives us the lowdown on how to throw a banging party

Written by
Jon Cook

Teenage grime star Novelist has had quite some year. He’s released critically acclaimed records for Rinse and XL, joined Kanye West on stage and turned 18 in style with a warehouse rave in east London. This week he joins forces with Red Bull Studios to present three parties at a secret Brixton location, where he’ll be performing live with some special guests. We caught up with the Lewisham MC – one of the best of the London grime scene – and got his six-step guide to planning the perfect party.

1. Choose your music carefully

‘It’s more than just who’s playing, it’s when they’re playing. The sets have to be in the right order and build the energy of the night. Start off chilled, then boom! One o’clock, that’s when the hype shit comes in.’

2. Don’t run out of drinks

‘You can have a good party with no alcohol, but you know people like to get a bit tipsy, especially us teenagers. A couple of vodkas makes you feel free to party.’

3. Get the gender balance right

‘Definitely a good ratio of boys and girls. People like flirting, so you need the right balance. That was one of the worst things at parties for me growing up in the ends: when there’s not enough chicks. Like Boy Better Know said: “too many man”.’

4. Make sure your MC pipes down

‘The biggest party killer is someone who chats too much on the mic. That is the worst: when the MC doesn’t even let the music play. Never have loudmouth hosts.’

5. Get creative with your guestlist

‘I’d love [Jamaican dancehall legend] Super Cat. That would be so ill. And [hip hop producer] The Alchemist DJing a two-hour set, all his own shit. Whatever he charges, give it to him! And if we’re talking dead or alive, I’d get [old-school hip hop duo] UGK. That would be so sick.’

6. When it comes to locations, dream big

‘If I could buy my own island, I’d do that: make my own country and have my rave there on the beach. If not, it would have to be in Antigua. That’s where my family is from; I have Arawak Indian blood. I’d have it like a festival, with the whole beach, boats, everything, filled with all my people. That would be the ultimate.’

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