One to watch: The Bohicas

Indie retronauts The Bohicas shoot for stardom on their debut album 'The Making Of’

Gaelle Beri


A bunch of slickly dressed young dudes from Essex. Their name comes from a bit of old US military slang: an acronym for ‘Bend over – here it comes again!’.


Strictly retro rock ’n’ roll. Anyone who digs the fuzzy indie stylings of Royal Blood, Drenge or Arctic Monkeys’ current leatherboy phase will dig these guys.


Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not smart. The Bohicas juggle influences from The Kinks and Elton John through to Queens Of The Stone Age and The Vines with panache, and they’re handy with words too: ‘It looked like a fire in Madame Tussauds’ is one of the best lyrical metaphors we’ve heard all year. Plus their debut album ‘The Making Of’ is out on Domino, the record label that launched the Arctics and Franz Ferdinand to indie superstardom.

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