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Rae Sremmurd
Rae Sremmurd: Slim Jxmmi e Swae Lee

Rae Sremmurd: keeping it real

We interviewed the US hip hop duo about life in the real world

By Will Lavin

Like a latter-day Kriss Kross, Atlanta hip hop brothers Rae Sremmurd (Ear Drummers spelt backwards) have spent 2015 on the fast track to superstardom. But there’s nothing like food poisoning to bring you back down to earth, and that’s just what happened to Rae Sremmurd’s Aaquil ‘Slim Jimmy’ Brown before we met the duo – which is why he wasn’t around to help his brother Khalif ‘Swae Lee’ answer our demanding backstage questions. Has Swae Lee managed to keep his feet on the ground?

How much is a pint of milk?
‘Maybe like £2.’

You don’t buy your own milk, do you? Can you name the British prime minister?
‘No, I can’t.’

Can you at least have a guess?
‘Thomas Clagavich?’

It’s actually David Cameron.
‘Damn! That was pretty good for a guess.’

Okay, let’s try this: what four things could you not live without?
‘That’s easy. Girls. Money. Kush. Music.’

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
‘A charger.’

A phone charger? Was it gold-plated or something?
‘No, a Dodge Charger. A car.’

So you haven’t bought a house yet?
‘Nope. I’m just busy saving for one. Stacking it. Bands!’ 

Where did you take your last date for dinner?

‘The hotel.’

How original. Why did you do that?
‘Because that’s where I live at. I live in hotels. Do me a favour: ask me that question again.’

Okay – where did you take your last date for dinner?
‘Bossa Nova in California. It’s a restaurant where everyone is rich and stuff. It was a date date.’ 

What was the most expensive thing on the menu?
‘I don’t know. I bypassed it. I just had the cheap stuff, you know?’

What did your date have?
‘I can’t remember. I just know she had more than me and ran my check up.’

The verdict: Swae Lee ticks every box for living young, fly and flashy.

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