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  1. from ‘Looking Down the Barrel’

  2. from ‘Don't Sell Out’ (© Amit & Naroop)
    © Amit & Naroop

  3. from ‘Tears Run Dry’ (© Amit & Naroop)
    © Amit & Naroop

  4. from ‘It's OK’

  5. from ‘Trampoline’ (© Phil Knott)
    © Phil Knott

  6. from ‘Lost Ones’ (© Phil Knott)
    © Phil Knott

  7. from ‘Shape’

  8. from ‘Someday’

  9. from ‘Witch Doctor’

  10. from ‘Lover Not a Fighter’ (© Rob Greig)
    © Rob Greig

The ten weirdest lyrics on Tinie Tempah's 'Demonstration'

Here's the oddest stuff we heard while listening to the grime rapper's latest record

Tinie Tempah – 'Demonstration' album review
  • Music

Chart-topping grime artist Tinie Tempah is one of the hottest acts around at the moment, and that’s down to two things. One: the 24-year-old is the best-dressed rapper to come out of Plumstead, and two: he knows how to choose his friends. But big-name guests and decent production can't save Tinie's second album from his own shortcomings.

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