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What’s the deal with... Alice Chater?

Ahead of her debut headline show, get to know the saviour of high-gloss pop.

By Nick Levine

Okay, so I’m guessing she isn’t giving us lo-fi indie.

Hell, no! Italia Conti-trained Alice Chater is all about high-gloss pop. Think Britney-slick routines, tack-sharp hooks and concept-rich visuals. In April she dropped an introduction video on social media featuring ‘Baby A’, a CGI spider designed to represent her  ‘fierce side’.

She’s not messing about, then?

Not in the slightest. To quote the woman herself: ‘I want full-on choreography, theatrics, acting and absolutely loving being a pop star.’  Lady Gaga and Madonna are definite touchstones – she’s even recorded a cover of Madge’s Abba-sampling banger ‘Hung Up’.

That’s pretty ballsy.

It is, but she pulls it off. Alice’s version of ‘Hung Up’ is kind of a 3am comedown alternative to Madonna’s tequila-shots-at-midnight original.

Cool. What’s her own music like?

So far, so promising. ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ isn’t a cover of the Elvis song, or the Whitney song, but an ultra- modern disco bop which recalls Kylie at her most stylish. And the infectious electro of new single ‘Hourglass’ features a sleek sample from Human League’s  ‘Don’t You Want Me’. Like you said, this one’s ballsy.

Impressive. But can she cut it live?

Well, she just supported fellow pop hope MNEK on tour, but find out for yourself when she plays her first ever headline show in a couple of weeks. Can she turn a tiny, Highbury Corner venue into her own pop wonderland? Frankly, we wouldn’t bet against it. ν  Nick Levine

Alice Chater plays Thousand Island on Nov 15.

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