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Camila Cabello, press 2018

What's the deal with… Camila Cabello?

Everything you need to know about the Cuban pop singer

By Nick Levine

Hmm, that name sounds familiar.
Well if your ears have flicked past a radio in the last few months, you may already know at least one about thing this rising star: her heart’s in Havana (ooh na na).

Oh, that’s her! It was a big hit, right?
Huge. ‘Havana’ spent five weeks on top of the charts before Ed Sheeran waltzed along and decided he wanted a Christmas Number One.

He should have just asked Santa (ooh na na, sorry!). Poor Camila, I mean.
Oh, she won’t be sulking about it. ‘Havana’ has completely revitalised the solo career she launched after quitting Fifth Harmony.

The girl group who sang ‘Work from Home’?
Yup, and also the underrated banger ‘That’s My Girl’. Anyway, Cabello’s bandmates said they were ‘hurt and confused’ after she announced her departure in December 2016. But Cabello clapped back and insisted they were ‘aware of my feelings’. So don’t expect Fifth Harmony to tweet their support when her album ‘Camila’ drops.

Is it any good? The album, that is, not their tweeting style.
Actually, it is. Though Cabello went back into the recording studio after ‘Havana’ took off, she hasn’t just cobbled together a collection of soundalikes. The album has ballads, electro tracks and funky guitar-based songs running through it. Check out new single ‘Never Be the Same’, a satisfying slab of bombastic pop in which she manages to make ‘heroin’ rhyme with ‘morphine’.

Respect. But one last thing: is she actually from Havana?
Yes! She was born in Cojímar, a fishing village in Eastern Havana, and grew up between Cuba and Mexico before her family relocated to Miami. So basically, it’s a bit like Ginger Spice releasing a song called ‘Watford’.

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