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What's the deal with… Childhood?

Everything you need to know about the young London pop-shoegaze band

© Laura Coulson

What do we have here then, another trendy bedroom producer?
No, an indie band. But it’s funny you should say ‘bedroom’ – Childhood formed when Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Leo Dobson, now in their early 20s, started writing songs in Dobson’s dorm room at the University of Nottingham. Then they picked up Daniel Salamons on bass and cycled through a few different drummers while putting some scratchy demos together.

Any cop?
They were all right, but there was nothing to suggest that a couple of years down the line they’d be writing something like ‘Solemn Skies’. That’s their new single, which they’re launching with a show at Corsica Studios on Monday June 10, and it’s a bold, shimmering future classic, all soaring shoegaze guitars and tambourine breakdowns.

It sounds pretty ’90s.
It is. There’s a lot of Ride in there, a bit of early Verve, a smidgen of Blur and trace amounts of The House Of Love. Maybe that’s why they’re called Childhood: after all, this kind of stuff was big when they were still in nappies.

Who needs another bunch of revivalist guitar-wielders?
You mean on top of Savages, Palma Violets, Temples and Toy? Well, you do, as long as Childhood can maintain the surging, uplifting energy of ‘Solemn Skies’. And hey – they’ve got a great collection of floral shirts too.

The Bottom Line: If only the ’90s had sounded this good the first time around.

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