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Formation, What's the deal with

What’s the deal with... Formation

Here’s everything you need to know about Wimbledon’s fiercely fun five-piece

Written by
Rhian Daly

As in the Beyoncé banger?
Nope. As well as being the name of Bey’s political stormer, Formation is also the moniker of one of south London’s most exciting bands.

What have they done to earn that title?
Ever since twins Will and Matt Ritson set foot in the musical world, they’ve been putting out consistently bold and uncompromising tracks that recall ESG and Liquid Liquid. Now a five-piece, they’ve built a reputation for being a fiercely fun live band as well as one that will make you think. In fact, that’s another thing they share with Mrs Carter-Knowles – a frustration with the establishment.

So they’re angry about the state of the world?
Well, yes, but who isn’t these days? Don’t worry – they’re not going to bum you out. Formation are all about positivity and harnessing your own power. Recent single ‘Powerful People’ sends that message loud and clear, as well as encouraging us to unite to create change.

They’re not another worthy political band, are they?
No. they’re not about battering you with their views. They’d much rather bombard you with more cowbell. Whether you share their political sentiments or not, debut album ‘Look at the Powerful People’ is brimming with the kind of effortlessly cool and danceable electro-rock grooves that make it impossible not to get behind.

Sounds pretty cool. How do I get involved?
Get yourself a bit of PMA (positive mental attitude), whack on the bass-y carnival that is ‘Pleasure’ or ‘A Friend’’s stuttering synth euphoria and feel yourself getting more powerful by the second.

’Look at the Powerful People’ is released on Mar 24. Formation play XOYO on Mar 21.

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