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What’s the deal with HMLTD?

Here’s everything you need to know about the most exciting new band in London

Written by
Rhian Daly

Who are they?
Only the most exciting new band in the whole of London. If you’ve been pining for something truly unpredictable and set apart from the rest of the city’s musical output right now, then let HMLTD sate you.

What makes them so different?
First of all, just take a look. There’s a kind of Ziggy Stardust elegance that also borrows from the sartorial height of punk. Then there’s the sounds, which take the whole boundaryless idea of musical consumption that everyone can thank the internet for and pushes it to extremes. ‘To the Door’, for example, is a racing spaghetti western score that abruptly twists into glitchy R&B territory and back again.

Sounds interesting...
Interesting is definitely one word for HMLTD (who were previously known as Happy Meal Ltd). Debut single ‘Stained’ is theatrical, discordant and menacing, while its video goes from scenes of masked figures and slopping fluids to a party that the cast of ‘Skins’ would consider too much.

Are their gigs as depraved as that sounds?
Not quite, but they’re definitely unlike anything you’ve seen before. The band say they want to provoke people into having a reaction – either positive or negative – and their tactics vary from night to night. Basically, if you want to feel like you’re in some amalgam of the Blitz Club in 1980 and an immersive, interactive piece of performance art in 2017, get yourself down to a HMLTD gig. If you stand near the front, be warned: you might end up with lead singer Henry Spychalski writhing around on top of you.

I’m sold – what’s next?
They’re growing fast, so you’ll need to get on board now and catch them somewhere relatively small if you want to sample the true HMLTD carnival experience. They’ll be turning Victoria Park into their own den of iniquity for Field Day this summer.

HMLTD’s new single ‘To The Door’ is out now.

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