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What's the deal with... Lynks Afrikka?

Meet the Bristol musician who’s bold, queer, unashamedly hilarious and sure to become iconic


So you’re trying to get me to listen to a man named after a deodorant?
Technically, yes, but much like the pongy changing-room favourite, this Bristol musician is going to be iconic. FYI, his two live backing singers are called Lynks Shower Gel (‘You might remember us from your Christmas box sets!’), so you’d better get used to the whole name thing.

Does he sound anything like he smells?
Absolutely not. Rather than awkwardly masking the hormones of teenage boys, Lynks is bold, queer, unashamedly hilarious and stupid amounts of fun. Sonically, he somehow mashes up club beats, chanty bratty Shampoo-style pop, weird squelchy electro and – on one song – a sample from the Headspace app.

Um, what?
‘On Trend’ pauses its spiralling social anxiety with that knowing nod, but skewering concepts and turning the confusion of everyday life on its head is very much Lynks’s thing. ‘I Don’t Know What I Want’ is an increasingly frenetic clatter of millennial angst, and ‘Str8 Acting’ rails against the often-reductive presentation of queer culture, cloaking it in the guise of a piss-taking club banger (‘Drinking cold, cold beer in a hot, straight club/It’s a lot like a pub, but with slightly less chairs’). ‘How to Make a Béchamel Sauce in 10 Steps’, meanwhile, is… well, exactly that. But to music.

We’re guessing the live show is a calm and sedate affair…
Oh, totally, if by ‘calm and sedate’ you mean ‘a masked man in a cheerleader Barbie outfit doing sick synchronised choreo with his two pals’. At a London show earlier this year, he even brought a piñata. Now, that’s entertainment.

Photograph by @asherfynn

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