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Sigrid, press 2017
© Francesca Allen

What’s the deal with Sigrid?

Get to know this outspoken Norwegian pop star in the making

By Nick Levine

Sigrid… isn’t that Harry Potter’s mate?
You’re thinking of Hagrid. Sigrid is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Norway who’s being tipped as a future pop superstar.

Steady on. Why are people getting so excited?
So far Sigrid’s only released one EP, but every track’s a solid gold keeper. You need to hear ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’, a firecracker of a pop song which features one of 2017’s most anthemic choruses.

It’s a banger, then?
Sigrid actually wrote it after enduring a painful songwriting session with a patronising middle-aged dude who underestimated her talent. So to be precise, it’s a revenge banger.

Okay, so this Sigrid’s got a bit of grit about her.
Definitely – and ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is no one-off. Check out her equally fierce track ‘Plot Twist’, on which she tells some dumb schmuck who wasted her time: ‘Do you need me to spell it out loud? You screwed it up!’

Ouch indeed. But she also shows a more reflective side on ‘Dynamite’, a lovely melancholy piano ballad about the sacrifices she’s had to make to pursue a pop career.

To be fair, it sounds as though it’s paying off.
For sure. And the Sigrid buzz has grown even louder after her storming set at Glastonbury.

Yeah, but I couldn’t get tickets for Glasto. Kill my vibe, why don’t you! 
There’s no need to sulk: Sigrid’s playing headline shows in London this Wednesday and Thursday. This is your chance to catch her in a relatively intimate venue while you still can.

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