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Soccer Mommy
Ebru Yildiz

What’s the deal with Soccer Mommy?

Heartfelt songs told through a lush, indie-rock filter, courtesy of a 19-year-old student in New York

By Rhian Daly

Soccer Mommy? Is she a real-life soccer mom?
Sorry to disappoint you, but no, Soccer Mommy is the project of 19-year-old NYU student Sophie Allison. You won’t be disappointed for long when you hear her gorgeous indie-rock.

Okay, prove it.
Ever longed for someone, found yourself drifting apart from someone or had any kind of romantic feelings at all? Soccer Mommy’s got your back. Her songs are intimate portrayals of love and infatuation that are so good you don’t need to be 19 to relate to them.

Sounds like they have the potential to be quite soppy…
Absolutely not. There’s plenty of emotion packed into her lo-fi indie tunes, but there’s nothing mawkish about her or her songwriting. Songs like ‘Allison’ and ‘Waiting for Cars’ are poetic and a little fragile, while others like ‘Death by Chocolate’ hint at a deliciously dark sense of humour.

Where can I hear her stuff?
She’s got plenty of albums up on her Bandcamp, all of which were recorded in one of her bedrooms, either in New York, where she studies, or her home town of Nashville. Soon she’ll put out something a little more polished – her debut for Fat Possum, ‘Collection’, made up of re-recordings of some of those old tracks plus new songs that show she’s constantly evolving as a songwriter and is someone to keep an eye on.

So it’ll probably be a while before she makes it over to the UK then?
Nope! You’re in luck. She’s playing her first gig on British soil in Brighton on Wednesday August 2 before heading to the capital for two more shows: at The Islington (Thursday August 3) and at Visions Festival (Saturday August 5). Remember, though – it’s football while you’re over here, okay, ‘Soccer’ Mommy?

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