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Youngblood Hawke
© Shaughn Crawford

What's the deal with… Youngblood Hawke?

Here's everything you need to know about the cola-soundtracking Californians

By Oliver Keens

The long hair, the sun-kissed skin... where are they from, Hull?
No, dude, they’re the sound of modern California – electronic, heartfelt, yet ever so slightly vapid.

That’s a bit harsh.
Well they’re a definite improvement on their previous incarnation. Two members (Simon Katz and Sam Martin) used to be in bro-ish jock-pop act Iglu & Hartly. Martin still has the ‘&’ tattooed on his arm.

Ha! That’s worse than Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s mutual tattoos.
Don’t laugh too hard. While Iglu & Hartly were shambolic, Youngblood Hawke’s stadium pop might make them big players this year. Consider this a heads-up ­– their LP (‘Wake Up’) is out this week, while single ‘We Come Running’ is about to achieve omnipresence on a soft drink advert.

Which soft drink?
Who cares? The important thing is that, like the drink, ‘We Come Running’ is more-ish, cloying and full of fizz.

So, in short: the perfect pop song?
Exactly, dude.

The Bottom Line: Good, but hold off on the tattoos.


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