Verso / Reverso, de Andrzej Wróblewski

 Verso / Reverso, de Andrzej Wróblewski
©Andrzej Wróblewski Sala de espera I, la cola continua

The work of Andrzej Wróblewsk (1927-1957), who was a key figure in 20th-century Polish art, comes to Madrid as part of the first major retrospective on the artist (about 150 pieces) outside of Poland. Here's a chance to get to know the work of this artist who's practically a legend is his native country and recognised for, among other things, his exceptional vision of war and its aftermath, and human degradation – fruit of his political commitment. Despite his short life, Wróblewsk created a wide and diverse collection of works, which are broken down into two stages in this exhibition: his beginnings, where he was looking for his own pictorial language (1948-1949), and his final period, in which, under the influence of Stalinist socialist realism, he started over again (1956-1957).


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