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La Latina Pincho Week 2015

La Latina Pincho Week 2015

From May 28 to June 14, get a pincho and a beer for just €2.50 in the best bars in La Latina!


We confess, we're big fans of tapas routes. We go wild for this ritual of going from bar to bar with friends, sampling various tapas or pinchos (tapas of Basque origin, usually mounted on bread) and washing them down with a nice cold beer. So you can imagine how excited we are that from May 28 to June 14 La Latina Pincho Week is back! This year it looks like they're using quite a loose definition of the word 'week', much to our delight. The tapas route encompasses the best-known establishments of the La Latina neighbourhood's Cava Baja, Cava Alta and squares that will offer their top gastronomic creations, both traditional and with a modern touch, which you can savour with a small bottle of ice-cold Estrella Damm. You'll get a pincho and a beer for just €2.50.

In addition to filling your boots, you can vote for the best pincho among the 40 participating bars and restaurants and be entered in the drawing for a tablet, and you could win a dinner for two in Taberna Arzábal just by sharing a photo of your favourite pincho on the Gastronosfera Facebook page. To help you maximise your tasting time, we've come up with a list of some of our very favourites for you to try.

La Tournée
  • Bars and pubs
  • Café bars
  • La Latina

Tapa: Hamburguesa Click

Ingredients: Mini beef hamburger filled with parmesan cheese on a bun of rustic Spanish bread and topped with green mustard sauce and a little something extra

Perfect for: Gourmet carnivores

El Bonnano
  • Bars and pubs
  • La Latina

Tapa: Iberian ham with a touch of lime and a 'piparra' chile pepper

Ingredients: Iberian bacon with lime, extra virgin olive oil, oregano and a 'piparra' chile pepper

Perfect for: Fans of fusion cuisine

  • Restaurants
  • Argentinian
  • La Latina

Tapa: Argentine meat turnover with 'chimichurri' sauce

Ingredients: Turnover filled with beef, olives, egg and a touch of cumin with 'chimichurri' (parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white vinegar) sauce

Perfect for: Those who love meat with an exotic touch

Cavalta 27
  • Restaurants

Tapa: Seafood-injected rice

Ingredients: 'Arroz a banda' ('rice on the side'), injection of seafood 'fumet' (similar to broth) and minced seafood

Perfect for: Nurses, and anyone who loves modern cuisine

El Pimiento Verde
  • Restaurants
  • Grills
  • Centro

Tapa: Artichoke flower

Ingredients: Artichoke with 'salmorejo' (similar to gazpacho, but somewhat denser) and Iberian ham

Perfect for: Fans of the most classic tapas

El Escaldón
  • Restaurants

Tapa: Teide-Roque Nublo

Ingredients: Gran Canaria chorizo sausage turnover with and Tenerife morcilla sausage stuffed in filo pastry with a decorative spiral of 'guarapo' (palm honey) from Gomera

Perfect for: Homesick Canary Islanders who live in Madrid, and sausage aficionados

María la Lía
  • Restaurants

Tapa: María's crispy pork cheek stew wrap

Ingredients: Flaky pastry filled with pork cheek stew, accompanied by jam

Perfect for: Those who aren't counting calories

  • Bars and pubs
  • La Latina

Tapa: Octopus salad with mango vinaigrette

Ingredients: Sliced octopus with a vinaigrette made of mango

Perfect for: Anyone from Galicia and those who love octopus in general

Taberna Según Emma
  • Bars and pubs
  • Tapas bars
  • Sol

Tapa: Mackerel 'meatball' in tomato and pepper sauce

Ingredients: A ball made of fresh, seasonal mackerel in home-made sauce of tomato and peppers on a bed of shoestring fries

Perfect for: Those who miss their grandmother's stews

Viuda de Vacas
  • Restaurants
  • Spanish
  • La Latina

Tapa: Aubergine tempura with 'pisto' (ratatouille)

Ingredients: Sliced bread, aubergine tempura and 'pisto' (tomato and vegetable sauce, similar to ratatouille)

Perfect for: Vegetarians

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