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Madrid Airbnb
Photograph: Airbnb

The 8 best Airbnbs in Madrid

Visiting Spain’s sprawling capital soon? Take a look through our list of the best Airbnbs in Madrid – we’ve rounded up the best of them for you

Written by
Matt Breen
Ed Cunningham
Jennifer Banful

Barcelona attracts the beach addicts, Seville brings in the honeymooners – but for a Spanish city with real cosmopolitan vibes, there’s nowhere quite like Madrid. With its all-night fiestas, pulsing bars, world-class museums, and stylish stores, the historic capital makes for a great city-break destination all year round. Though, it is especially popular to visit in spring when the city welcomes its eye-catching pink almond blossoms, while July and August tend to really bring the heat.

Now you've got whether or not to go heavy on the SPF 50 out of the way, all that's left is to decide is where to stay. Amigos, we've taken care of that for you. Just take a look through our list of the very best Airbnbs in Madrid – We've got one to suit every budget and length of stay. 

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in and review every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on our expert knowledge of the destination covered, editorial reviews, user reviews, hotel amenities and in-depth research to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

The best Madrid Airbnbs

Cosy modern apartment with terrace by Gran Vía
Photograph: Airbnb

1. Cosy modern apartment with terrace by Gran Vía

This cute and contemporary one-bed apartment is pretty much slap-bang in the middle of everything in Madrid – it’s mere steps from Gran Vía, a thriving hive of stores, bars and nightlife that’s known as ‘the street that never sleeps’. 

Best for: being close to everything. 

What's the budget range? A pretty decent price for a few nights. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 4. 

Swish loft apartment in the museums district
Photograph: Airbnb

2. Swish loft apartment in the museums district

A good one for those planning to spend time wandering through Madrid’s magnificent museums and galleries – this one-bed apartment is near the Paseo del Prado, where lots of them are to be found. Set over two floors within a stately nineteenth-century villa, you’ll feel a bit like you’re in a work of art yourself. 

Best for: a classy, modern, cosmopolitan vibe. 

What's the budget range? Pretty cheap between two. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 2. 

The stylish serviced apartment with a pool
Photograph: Airbnb

3. The stylish serviced apartment with a pool

Another one in the museums district, this one is a very fancy property indeed. It even has its own outdoor pool/hot tub. While it’s pretty common for homeowners in suburban Madrid to have a pool in their backyard, it’s more of a rarity in the city proper. One for those who like to start their day with a splash.  

Best for: work/leisure with all the trimmings. 

What's the budget range? A moderately-priced stay for such a well-equipped apartment stay. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 4.

Fancy three-bed apartment in the historic centre
Photograph: Airbnb

4. Fancy three-bed apartment in the historic centre

A definite one to consider if you’re heading to the Spanish capital with a group of mates – and looking for a good night out. This exceptionally stylish, tasteful apartment is decked out with cushty fittings and a glamourous pool. It’s to be found in the historic centre area, which is the hub of pretty much everything great and buzzy about Madrid. 

Best for: Cosy luxury. 

What's the budget range? On the pricier end but well worth the comfort. 

Rooms: 3 beds, 2.5 baths. Sleeps 6. 

Supremely affordable two-bed
Photograph: Airbnb

5. Supremely affordable two-bed

This apartment is a neat, tidy and very affordable place to base your excursions around Madrid. Two bedrooms provide space for four people, all within easy reach of the museums district and the eastern side of the city centre.

Best for: affordability. 

What's the budget range? A super cheap and cheerful option for couples or small families.

Rooms: 2 beds, 1 bath. Sleeps 4. 

Gorgeous bare-brick relaxation retreat
Photograph: Airbnb

6. Gorgeous bare-brick relaxation retreat

This apartment in the Huertas neighbourhood (just north of the Atocha station) has its own ‘relaxation centre’ complete with a sauna and bathtub. Need we say much more? The bare-brick walls are also stunning and characterful, while the designer furniture has bags of intrigue. Muy luxurious!

Best for: the wellness buff. 

What's the budget range? On the luxe end of life. 

Rooms: 1 bed, 1 bath. Sleeps 4.

Mansion with a mega deluxe pool
Photograph: Airbnb

7. Mansion with a mega deluxe pool

What’s Spanish for ‘blowout’? If you want some real grandeur during your stay in the capital, look no further than this ten-bed mansion. It’s opulently furnished and can accomodate up to ten guests – but the real icing on the cake here is the gorgeous, super glamourous pool.

Best for: a resort-like haven. 

What's the budget range? A bargain holiday rental for large groups. 

Rooms: 5 beds, 4.5 baths. Sleeps 12. 


The trendy apartment in the heart of the city
Courtesy: Airbnb

8. The trendy apartment in the heart of the city

As central as it is stylish, this urban apartment is just the place for our architectural enthusiasts and cultural buffs alike. What makes it so special? Its mixture of bright neutral, brassy tones, high ceilings, and exposed brick give this place a rustic, yet upscale feel. Located in the emblematic Malasaña, known for its vibrant nightlife – this is the place to be if you're in Madrid for a good time not a long time. 

Best for: the nightlife. 

What's the budget range? A super stylish and affordable group stay. 

Rooms: 3 beds, 2 baths. Sleeps 6.


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