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Barra Atlántica (CLOSED)

4 out of 5 stars
Gorka Elorrieta

Time Out says

Get a taste of Galicia right here in Madrid. How about some diced razorfish served in its own sauce, or splendid mussels subtly marinated, and cockles perfectly prepared on a bed of lime? These start off the tasting menu called 'Dame de comer'. You can eat your weight in molluscs, one of the identifying characteristics of this resolute, urbanite seafood restaurant where Marcos Cerqueiro and Iago Pazos (Abastos 2.0, Loxe Mareiro) have landed after their turn at the pop-up The Table By.

What you get here is an informal restaurant with first-rate ingredients going into the dishes. There's a bar area in the dining area (as well as the Almacén, a space in the bottom floor reserved for private events with friends), decor of wood and white walls, ceramic cutlery with an air of the Japanese, a covered display of fresh shellfish, a lively ambience, wonderfully friendly service, and a big banquet table which is the star of the room, but perhaps a bit too tight of a squeeze – dining elbow to elbow works well for the two seatings the restaurant offers, but it's not the most comfortable for diners; reducing the seating by even two or three would give more breathing space.

The set menu features what they call 'peix nús' (nude fish), a light translation of a 'tiradito' (a dish of raw fish and plenty of seasonings), which the day we went was white seabream, a personalised and exquisite empanada, a fish of the day (we had horse mackerel, which was cooked and dressed perfectly), and some refreshing slices of pickled apple to finish. Throughout the meal you'll come across variations or additions, such as clams as an appetizer, a serving of octopus or beef, or even a sweeter dessert. One thing is certain, it's all very tempting.


Gravina, 17
Chueca (M: L5)
Opening hours:
Mon 1.15pm-3.30pm; Tue-Sat 1.15pm-3.30pm, 8pm-11pm; Sun 1.15pm-3.30pm
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