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Madrid prices – money and costs

A brief look at how much you'll pay for a coffee, a beer, or a museum ticket in Madrid

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Time Out Madrid editors
The cost of living in Madrid is not particularly high in comparison with other European capitals. Transport and accommodation are cheaper than in London and Paris. As you might expect, prices are lower in suburban neighbourhoods than in the city centre, though they tend to be exorbitant in the more touristy areas. Leisure, especially cinema and theatre tickets, can be quite expensive. But don't despair – there are days and specific times when museums, and even films, are free.

Though in Spain tipping isn't obligatory, if you've received good and friendly service and you want to leave a tip, or you're from a culture where you just can't get your head round not leaving anything, it's common among those who do tip to leave between 5 and 10 percent of the bill. To give you an idea of how much things cost, we've compiled a list of the prices of some popular activities and items.

A large coffee with milk: €1.30

Breakfast (coffee + pastry or toast): €2

A small glass of draught beer: €1.50

A cocktail or tall drink: €8

A set-price lunch (Monday to Friday): €10

A film ticket (weekend): €8

A museum ticket: €8

One night in a hotel: from €50

A single bus or metro ticket: €1.50

A taxi ride from the airport: €30
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