Zoo Girls. Stephen Chopek. Matt Coppens. Saturday, November 7

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Zoo Girls. Stephen Chopek. Matt Coppens. Saturday, November 7
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Zoo Girls. Stephen Chopek. Matt Coppens. Saturday, November 7 says
ZOO GIRLS are comprised of local musicians Molly Ray, Lauren Taylor and Beth Okeon. The trio performs regularly at area venues including Otherlands, Memphis Farmers Market, Neil’s and Cafe Ole.

Friends for more than a decade, the girls enjoy writing music and lyrics that are relatable, honest and resonate with situations every human encounters from love to heartbreak and everything in between.

Musical influences that have shaped their writing include Counting Crows, REM and Lucinda Williams. In 2014, the Zoo Girls were awarded the Peer Award from the Memphis Songwriters Showcase.


STEPHEN CHOPEK Six years ago, Stephen Chopek was singing songs in the New York City subways.He treated it like a full-time job – heading out in the morning, picking a spot, and sticking to it. He and his guitar worked seven hour days. He’d pack up, head home, and do it again the next day.

It's clear when Stephen tells the story that it doesn't strike him as unusual. He was a professional drummer learning to play guitar and sing – what better way to hone your skills? He refers to his time playing underground as casually as he talks about practicing drums for eight hours a day, or studying with drummer Billy Martin of Medeski Martin & Wood. Stephen is a perennial student, as disciplined as he is curious.

Long before those subway sets, Stephen's apprenticeship with legendary jazz percussionist Leon Parker led to touring and recording with guitarist Charlie Hunter from 2000 to 2002, which opened the door to a world tour with John Mayer and the recording of Any Given Thursday. He’s kept the beat for Marc Broussard and many others.

As he explored guitar, his listening habits began to change. “I started to hear music from a non-drummer's perspective, spending time listening to songs with no drums - lots of Billy Bragg and Nick Drake,” Stephen says. “I became interested in beautiful songs for what they were, not just for the parts they were made of.


MATT COPPENS. Michigan punk rocker turned Memphis folk singer Matt Coppens opens the show at 8 sharp. Get here early to see that and you can check him out here...


$7 Cash Cover. Doors at 7:30 pm. Show at 8:00 pm. ALL AGES. Smoke Free inside. Beer, Coffee and Food. Large patio & deck. 641 S. Cooper at Cowden. 901-278-4994. www.facebook.com/otherlands


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