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A new dinner show is coming to Wynwood

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

For reasons likely related to clubs and pool parties per capita, Miami is often compared to Las Vegas. This weekend, the similarities grow exponentially when Wynwood introduces a new dinner show titled the BODYSHOP EXPERIENCE. Billed as a high-energy, Broadway-style performance you watch while you eat, the 90-minute performance is directed by So You Think You Can Dance (Israel) vet Sover Atlan and goes down inside an old auto repair shop inside the Mana Complex.

Altan’s signature, energetic moves are coupled with acrobatics and amplified by live graffiti art, a pulsating soundtrack (think EDM, Radiohead and Michael Jackson) and a wild light display to create a sensory production that seems like a cross between Rent, STOMP and Blue Man Group—without the creepy face paint. You’ll take all of this in from one of 35 dining tables or perched on a bar stool, though a small standing area has been designated for people who’d rather drink their dinner instead. If watching people dance for nearly two hours makes you want to get up and do the same, the BODYSHOP EXPERIENCE promises a raging afterparty with more music and, hopefully, more drinks. 

Tickets for the show, which kicks off this Friday, April 27, at 10pm and takes place every Friday and Saturday thereafter, are on sale now. General admission is $30, seated admission is $45. VIP tables can be booked by calling 786-740-6392. Prices will go up after Memorial Day, which is a bummer considering that's the moment it's entirely too hot to go outdoors. Take advantage while you can. 

Update: The BODYSHOP EXPERIENCE will no longer serve food as part of the show experience. Dates and ticket prices have also been changed in the story. 

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