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Ask the Influencer: What’s the best customizable ice cream in Miami? 

Sweet Portofolio
Photograph: @sweetportofolio

Ever notice that influencers seem to always be eating, drinking and living better than you? Yeah, us too—and we want in. So each week, we ask one of these in-the-know Miamians to share their access and answer a city-centric burning question.

What’s the best customizable ice cream in Miami?

For a totally different dessert experience, Valentina Mussi of Sweet Portofolio recommends the bubble waffle cone at Midtown Creamery.

“My favorite off-menu dessert place has to be from Midtown Creamery in the Wynwood area. Every time I go, I order their bubble waffle ice cream cone and ask the owner’s son, Riley, who works there to surprise me with something pretty/yummy. All you have to do is choose the ice cream flavor, I usually go for the birthday cake or some in-season flavor like lychee or piña colada, and ask him to surprise you. Few people know they offer unlimited toppings so, the outcome can be pretty insane. Some of the craziest stuff they've put on my cone has been Pocky Sticks, berries, lollipops, María cookies, Peeps marshmallows, and even Lucky Charms. The cone does not only looks pretty, the ice cream tastes great, it goes so well with the warm fluffy bubble waffle, and it’s decently priced.”

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Barre F

I cannot be more in agreement with this article.  The Midtown Creamery is one of the most amazing Ice Cream establishment in Miami.  The owner has his start on the Boardwalk of Coney Island where he surprised literally millions of beachgoers with his creativity and love for this comfort food.  Now in Miami, he has taken his skills to a higher level.  Midtown is not just Ice Cream,  It is the love of Ice Cream mixed with a passionate creator.  This is worth the visit.