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Black Tiger Sex Machine
Photograph: Courtesy Black Tiger Sex Machine

Canadian trio Black Tiger Sex Machine reveals one thing every festival first-timer should know

Falyn Wood
Written by
Falyn Wood

Though they’re newcomers to Ultra Miami in 2022, Black Tiger Sex Machine are no strangers to the festival circuit or the Magic City. When they’re not tripping out on their latest bass track in the studio, weaving innovative live-action cinema into their shows or hyping up their faithful fanbase (dubbed the BTSM Church) with immersive visuals, lights and their signature Tiger Helmets, the Canadian trio manages to escape to Miami every now and again to soak up some rays and recharge on our famous beaches.

That’s why they’re the perfect people to hit up for some fresh insider recommendations on how to maximize your festival experience and live it up in Miami this Ultra 2022, now just a few short weeks away. Read on for BTSM’s advice on what to do while you’re in town, how to recover from a late night out and the one thing every festival first-timer should know.

The one thing every festival first-timer should know:
If we could only pick one thing, it would probably be to make sure to drink enough water! That couldn’t ever be underestimated, especially if you’re dancing in the Florida sun all day. If we were to pick a more “fun” answer though, we’d say be prepared to make some new friends.

The best view of the mainstage is:
Best view of the mainstage has got to be at the rail right in the middle. Nothing beats being up close, deep in the experience of the music, visuals and the crowd. You’re fully immersed while the gigantic mainstage towers over you in awe. Can’t beat it.

The best thing to do in Miami while you’re in town:
Don’t think we could just pick one, so you’ll get a few answers here. Between trying as many different tasty restaurants, chilling at the beach and hitting the fairway for a round of golf, that’s what the best Miami trip sounds like to us.

Your recovery ritual after a late night out:
Nothing beats water, electrolytes and a nice hot shower. Especially if that night out consisted of performing with our helmets as they can get a bit sweaty, haha.

Best spot to unwind:
The best spot to unwind is the beach. Whether you’re looking to cool off in the water or relax and soak up some sun, it’s just such a great place to recharge your batteries. We’re often in the studio or the office so it’s always nice to get some nature time!

The one party you wouldn’t miss (besides your own):
It hasn’t happened yet with an audience, but our label brother Apashe has his Renaissance live orchestra show that’s a truly moving experience. Being at his livestream was inspiring, but when he’s able to perform in front of a crowd with the orchestra, you best believe we are not going to miss that!

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