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Brooklyn Arepitas Bar
Photograph: Courtesy Time Out Market Miami

Food Envy: the Brooklyn at Arepitas Bar

We’ve been eating a lot of food at Time Out Market Miami, and now we’re dishing on some of our favorite plates

Virginia Gil

Welcome to Food Envy, where we’ll highlight different dishes from Time Out Market Miami that we think you’re going to love—partly because we do. This week, we’re singing the praises of Arepitas Bar’s breakfast-for-dinner Brooklyn arepa.

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Raise your hand if you like eating breakfast for dinner? Ok, everyone. Just as we predicted. There’s no reason why yummy things like bagels and eggs should be relegated to morning meals. If we had it our way, our favorite AM eats would be available at any time of the day. Lucky for you, we did have it our way with a little help from our friends at Arepitas Bar.

The menu at this Latin spot inside Time Out Market Miami ticks off all the boxes of dishes we look for in a Colombian restaurant, and then some. You’ve got crispy empanadas, pan de bono and the reimagined bandeja paisa in bowl form (which we turn to on most hungover days). But the Brooklyn is the thing that stole our heart. Now available with two griddled arepas (you can fork-and-knife it or eat it sandwich-style), the arepa is a reinterpretation of a classic lox bagel. It’s made up of whipped cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and loads of fresh, aromatic dill.

The arepa is perfect as a lunch or dinner. It’s the dish we turn to when we skipped breakfast but still crave it later in the day. For purists of the deli staple, let us be the first to tell you that a chewy bagel is no match for the crispy exterior and tender insides of an arepa. It’s truly the perfect vessel for every topping. There’s no challenging us on this.

Arepitas Bar
Photograph: Ani Meinhold

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