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Here are the rudest things Miami people do

"Bc it’s My-Ami. Not yours."

Ashley Brozic
Written by
Ashley Brozic

Reddit is where people go to get real, so when user One-Study-418 posed the question, “Why are Miami people so rude?” naturally it struck a chord. We mean, it’s not “new” news; last year Time Out readers voted Miami as the third rudest city in the world. It’s like we’re always on the offensive because we’re trying to be defensive – though if you asked anyone who they were defending themselves against, they’d probably probably just sum it up to the “haters” or draw a blank. Rude begets rude, and the cycle continues.  

Honestly though, why are we like this? We’ve been to other states and countries. We see how hospitable people can be. They open doors for you, they don’t stare you up and down viciously when you walk into an elevator, they use their turn signals. They don’t steal your gym equipment, for heaven’s sake (Which is apparently a huge issue here?) Whether you’re one of the rude ones or you’re someone who wants to make Miami a place where the people are as sunny as the weather, it helps to understand why it is that we’re such jerks here. Here’s what a few of the 856 commenters (to date) had to say: 

Why are Miami people so rude?

The people who were not rude got fed up with being walked all over by the rude people and became rude themselves. – Independent-Bike8810

I had a guy literally take away my dumbbells as they were sitting in front of me after finishing a set. Just came in front of me and grabbed them. I got up and had to chase him down. He gave them back to me with a shitty douchey attitude didn’t apologize or nothing. – kungpowgoat

As a personal anecdote, I’ve lived in the South for most of my life aside from my stint in Vegas and so I have always been in the habit of smiling at people whenever I make eye contact with them. Shortly after moving to Miami, I stopped because most of the time when I did that, the person would just stare back at me or give me a dirty look. – One-Study-418

They're all worrying about money. Rents are going up. Jobs are paying shit. And they need to figure out how they're going to make their Lexus payments and the cc bill from the trip to Dubai. – VivelaVendetta

It’s “social crime” - of course that involves actual “crime” like scams, etc, but it goes all the way down to the smallest interactions. People being shady and subversive and trying to get over on one another at every level. “Fuck you, I got mine” - cutting in line, stealing machines at the gym, people have just learned that this is the way to get along in Miami, and to some degree it’s accepted. It’s a race to the bottom. Umbra427

Bc it’s My-Ami. Not yours. – Casique720

It isn’t the New Yorkers, cause people in New York really don’t behave like this. And yesterday I was at the fresco in Miami Gardens, and people had left their shopping carts literally in the street like, blocking traffic. And it wasn’t just one, it was a few. I couldn’t believe it. And people just glare at you after you do them a favorAlexandrapreciosa

This is what I do, I just try to kill them with kindness lol. It’s so funny to me how surprised people are when I hold the door for them or do anything nice – One-Study-418

My wife and I went to Miami for the first time and that was the first thing we picked up on. And me being a 6'4 athletic, somewhat in shape while dude...had a lot of dudes mad dogging me. One guy stared at me for literally like 7 seconds as he walked by – aHairyWhiteGuy

The explosion of Burmese Pythons is such a great example. Some macho asshole gets a python, decides he doesn't want it anymore, and puts it out in his backyard. No regard for the animal itself, or the impact it will have on the environment. Before you know it, the Everglades is teeming with pythons and the natural order is all out of whack. – LeaveHefty8399

Low pay and insane rent prices will make people rude – dxtendz14

I look as gringo as they come but I’m Cuban so I always got the attitude until I started speaking Spanish. People just go out of their way to make your day more shitty. I’ll never forget one time I was visiting and my infant son got sick and we had to go to the ER in the middle of the night. Got discharged in the early morning and needed to pick up a prescription at Walgreens. Here I am waiting patiently at the drive-thru window for the pharmacist to do their job when after five minutes, the guy behind me starts honking and throwing up his arms… like I’m the one causing the problem here. I ignored them and every few minutes, the guy kept honking. I got out of the car and yelled at him in Spanish to shut the fuck up and stop being a comemierda. The pharmacist then yelled at him too.GatorTuro

It's a lack of education. Lower education = The disaster you mention here. And when I say "education", I don't mean a college degree. I mean the values you were taught growing up. – Jomary56

I think there are a lot of insecure people in Miami, and they feel like being rude makes them seem important or "above it all." To me, it makes them look miserable, and I feel bad for them. You have to be a really tortured human to be mean for free, especially when you're surrounded by beautiful palm trees, beaches, sunshine, and great restaurants. Just be kind. Do it for yourself, not others 💗 – No_Decision7673

The reason girls don't say hi or nod or smile is because they are attractive and there's too many guys here that would turn around and follow them and go up to them and be creeps! – ARCreef

It’s also It’s a city of hustle and self reliance, because many immigrants who fled authoritarian communist regimes and came here with nothing. Combine with machismo culture, and - We don’t fucking care if someone left the barbell out of its place. No one did that for us. You’re just going to have to do [it] yourself, and get it up from the floor like we did, no hand outs, no help, etc etc. – Latter-Feedback-9836

Used to be a nice guy from MD, met my wife whos from Miami, moved down a few years ago pre pandemic. Eventually just became an asshole myself because everybody is, why be nice to people if they arent going to be nice to me. Also ill take the assholes to live in paradise on earth. – Kinglyfool1399

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