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Here’s what you should know before going to the movies in Miami

Movie theaters across the county are reopening this week but going to the cinema will be very different.

Virginia Gil
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Virginia Gil

Movie theaters in Miami received the green light to reopen on Friday, September 18, but you’ll need to brush up on all the new guidelines before you book it to your nearest cinema. Things will be different and small conveniences you might’ve taken for granted before won’t be allowed under the new restrictions—think scarfing down a bucket of popcorn at your seat. As venues make their preparations to reopen, like installing new indoor ventilation systems, patrons should take the time to brush up on what’s changed and how they can protect themselves (and others) while at the movies. Here’s some of what you can expect.

Wear your mask. You’ll need to keep your face covered from previews to credits and during everything else in between. Theaters follow the same rules as other Miami-Dade businesses where wearing a mask indoors is required.

Say goodbye to the popcorn. If you’re the type of person who can’t watch a movie without a bucket of popcorn in their lap, you might want to stick to home viewings. Food and beverages may not be consumed inside screening rooms for the time being. Theaters have the option to designate safe eating areas but smaller venues such as art-house cinemas won’t have the space to do so. Oh, and please don’t stuff your purse or pockets with candy and chocolate and ruin it for the rest of us.

Buy your tickets in advance. You may find that seats are still available last-minute but getting in will be a gamble with theaters operating at 50-percent capacity. Also, most cinemas won’t be selling tickets at the box office and absolutely none will be accepting cash.

Buy together if you want to sit together. Meeting a friend? You’ll need to purchase tickets together at the same time, as part of the same transaction in order to sit together. Theaters are blocking off peripheral seating to allow guests to socially distance themselves so your friend won’t be able to reserve the recliner next to you even if you’re the only two at the showing.

Rethink your bathroom breaks. Restrooms have limited capacity and must be cleaned and disinfected every two to three hours in accordance with the county’s New Normal plan. If you’re dashing out in the middle of the movie, chances are you’ll have to wait before you can use the loo.

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