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How to survive Miami Music Week according to four veteran DJs

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Ever go to Disney World when you were a kid? Do you remember that feeling of being at once insanely excited and absolutely crushed by the range of options?

That’s what Miami Music Week can feel like. So much to do. So little time. We know.

But fear not, lover of dance music. We collected a few expert opinions from MMW veterans who will be running around town this week for their own gigs. We asked Claude VonStroke for his tips on time management. All Day I Dream mastermind Lee Burridge gave us his favorite hangover food—and it’s a good one, too. Plus, superstar DJ pals David Guetta and Martin Garrix let us in on their preferred places to crash in Miami.

Where do you like to stay when you’re in Miami?
Claude VonStroke: I love staying at Soho Beach House but they are always booked up way in advance. It depends if my shows are more in downtown or South Beach. Since we are doing Space this year I’ll stay at the East Hotel.
Martin Garrix: W Miami, the Edition or the Fontainebleau Hotel.
David Guetta: The Edition

What’s the one Miami meal that’ll bring you back to life after a long night? 
CVS: My favorite place in Miami is a Peruvian restaurant called Ceviche 105. When you see it from the outside it almost looks like a nice chain restaurant but when you go inside it’s some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.
Lee Burridge: La Sandwicherie— a veggie sandwich with avocado, maybe a juice or smoothie, then across the road to Mac's Club Deuce to carry on. 
DG: I love chicken with rice.
MG: Pizza, always.

What’s a common mistake overzealous first-timers make?
CVS: First timers usually make a list and try to bounce around to too many events so they don’t miss anything. My advice is: never leave a raging party. There are so many events that the whole thing is watered down and there is a good chance some of your favorite DJs aren’t playing to packed rooms—by no fault of their own. I would say if you are lucky enough to find a party that is seriously vibing—don’t leave.
LB: Sunburn, prioritizing seeing a DJ over your power nap, forgetting to take your phone charger with you so you can’t get an uber the moment you need one and end up walking around downtown lost for an hour. 
MG: Don’t let the pressure ruin your fun! Also try to catch some sleep here and there. It’s such a great week where everyone comes together, but with parties day and night it can get exhausting.
DG: I honestly think making mistakes is not a bad thing! Everyone makes them and you learn from them. 

Where do you go in Miami for a moment of peace and quiet?
LB: There’s a place for that? No. You’re kidding.
CVS: There is almost no place to really relax because even the smallest hotels have loud events. Even so, the hotel is your best chance of cooling it down. If you get an Airbnb, you can probably actually rest.
DG: Before my shows, I always have a moment of peace. I will just lay down with my eyes closed in a quiet dressing room. This makes sure that when I get on stage I’m super hyped and ready to go.

After coming home from a very long night, do you have any pre-bedtime traditions that make waking up easier? 
LB: If I’ve been playing, therefore standing for hours, I’ll stretch out a bit. Obviously, a big glass of water—as Jagermeister can be hard to come by in the hotel room unless you preplan. Oh, and don’t get lazy and think, ‘I’ll brush my teeth in the morning when I get up.’ Rave breath is grim.
CVS: The best way to make it through to the next day is to just power through and don’t take too much time off. As soon as you totally cool off, it’s so hard to re-motivate yourself back into the mayhem. 
DG: After the usual Miami days where I’m super busy, I have no problems falling asleep whatsoever.

Craziest Miami Music Week memory?
: I remember being in the crowd back in 2013 when I heard Fatboy Slim play one of my tracks I released back then. As soon I heard that song I got goosebumps! And, of course, the time playing Ultra Miami's main stage and when I brought out Usher to perform our song will be a moment I’ll never forget.
LB: Being not totally with it. Staggering down Ocean. My leg buckling under me, causing me to fall onto some poor family’s table. Apologizing profusely and then realizing I was holding something—I’d grabbed their lobster when I fell on the table. I felt it was a good time to run at that point. I escaped and then spent about fifteen minutes sitting in a doorway laughing. Oh, then a year later someone told my own story back to me as if it had happened to them. I let them get all the way to the end before calling them out. Somehow I feel this might win as craziest MMW story in this article. I’d like a lobster as my prize, please. 

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