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Miami Spice of the Week: Novikov

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

If there was ever a reason to skip your sad desk salad, it’s Novikov’s Miami Spice lunch. The upscale Asian restaurant not only offers one of the best values in the city, serving full-size appetizers and a selection of mains created especially for Spice. But its prix-fixe lunch actually makes it affordable to dine on pillowy shrimp dumplings, hangar steak, Peking duck and other high-priced dishes you’d wind up paying a small fortune for otherwise. Feign a stomach ache, make up a last-minute meeting—do whatever you have to do to get to the Downtown restaurant while Spice is still a thing.  

When to go: Novikov offers Miami Spice lunch Monday through Friday. Sadly, the restaurant does not participate in Spice dinner so plan accordingly.

What to order: The selection of Spice appetizers are all available on the regular menu and served in full portions. Meaning, the shrimp and cilantro dumplings come four to an order while the salmon and avocado roll is served just as it would be at dinnertime. Either makes a great choice. The main dishes, though similar in size and preparation, are tailored for Spice diners. Both the robata hanger steak (comparable to the Wagyu robata available at dinner) and the chirashi donburi, a delicate poké bowl of sorts, make solid mains. For dessert, you can go one of two ways: light and refreshing with the key lime tapioca or indulgent and complex with the umeshu black forest cake drizzled with plum wine. 

Why we love it: Service, ambiance, views—everything about Novikov is five-star. Miami Spice lunch gives you a taste of the posh life on a budget.

You’ll save: Three courses will normally run you about $55, which means two can eat for the price of one at Spice lunch. 


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