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Miami Spice of the week: Stubborn Seed

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer
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Miami Spice has officially arrived. Each week we’ll be zeroing in on a specific restaurant we think deserves to be on your Spice hit list. This week: Stubborn Seed.

Well, you’ve nearly made it to the end of Miami Spice and it’s a bittersweet occasion. On one hand, perhaps your pants will once again fit properly in the next month or so. On the other, we are going to miss all these crazy affordable three-course meals. So let’s take advantage of this final week of Miami Spice with one of the best restaurants in town (and a high-ranking member of our Eat List), Stubborn Seed. If you’ve never been to Jeremy Ford’s South Beach mecca of seasonal, fresh and wildly inventive food—change that this week. Seed’s Spice Menu—with fresh-from-Florida ingredients and simple yet stunning presentation—is a crash course in everything that makes this place so special.

When to go: The Miami Spice menu is offered for dinner Tuesday through Friday and Sunday. Stubborn Seed also offers a Miami Spice brunch on Sunday that is as delicious as you’d imagine.

What to order: Start with the warm celery root with crackling maitake. The earthy dish is a Stubborn Seed favorite—Spice or no Spice. From there, move to the sourdough crusted halibut for a magnificent, fresh fish. Finish it all off with a few snickerdoodle cookies for dessert. It’s a fun way to end the meal if you can avoid violently fighting with your dining companion over the last one.

Why we love it: Fresh food, cooked with care and presented absolutely beautifully—we just dare you not to fall in love with Stubborn Seed’s effortless charm.

You’ll save: The three courses we suggested above would cost you about $60 on a normal night, so this Spice will save you about $21. Not bad, huh? Maybe you can put that extra money towards another round of snickerdoodle cookies?

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