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Welcome to Miami Beach
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Miami stereotypes that are actually true, according to Miamians

Turns out we’re just as superficial and party-obsessed as ever.

Falyn Wood
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Falyn Wood

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Miami”? Depending on how old you are, it very likely could be some version of Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” music video: neon bikinis, speed boats, salsa flash mobs, private jets. It’s a late-90s caricature of the Magic City, and yet, this stereotypical image of Miami hasn’t budged much since then. 

Yes, our food scene has grown up and our cultural diversity remains one of our greatest assets. But ask any Miamian and they’ll tell you: We’re just as superficial and party-obsessed as ever. We did ask you, our readers, to weigh in: What are some stereotypes about Miami that are actually true? The responses might surprise you. Miami’s certainly flawed, but at least we’re self-aware!

Miami stereotypes that are actually true, according to locals

“Miami is a scam.”

  • “A sunny place for shady people” 
  • “People are superficial”
  • “Lots of fake people (in & out)”
  • “Plastic surgery”
  • “Trivial, lacking of profundity”
  • “The expensive car/house/lifestyle owner that doesn’t own anything”
Miami traffic and asshole Miami drivers
Photograph: Shutterstock

“It’s crowded with horrible traffic.”

  • “Congested, expensive”
  • “The traffic is crazy”
  • “Horrible drivers”

“Our official language is Spanish.”

  • “You don’t need to know English to live here.”
  • “Pero like, that we all speak like this” 
Winter in Miami
Photograph: Courtesy Unsplash/Addy Mae

“We break out winter coats when it goes below ’70s.”

  • Perfect weather, the beaches and boating, exciting restaurants and bars, diverse and interesting people, music everywhere!” 

It’s truly Vice City.

  • “Coke Depot”
  • “OnlyFans”
  • “Almost naked at the beach. Or at Haulover, all naked.”

Ya tu sabes.

  • “Every single one is true.”
  • “All of them, it's a banana republic.”
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