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Rooftop Cinema Miami Beach
Photograph: Aram Event Photography

Rooftop Cinema Club just dropped an epic spooky season movie lineup

From September through October, enjoy cult classics, sinister slashers and cozy fall favorites up on the rooftop.

Falyn Wood
Written by
Falyn Wood

We might be getting a tad ahead of ourselves, but we swear we can feel a change of season in the air. Really! Cooler days and breezier evenings are no longer a far-off fantasy—autumn in Miami is just around the corner and we can’t overstate how excited that makes us. 

Adding to the festive buildup, Rooftop Cinema Club just dropped its super spooky schedule of September and October screenings. For the next two months, enjoy classic fall flicks like Hocus Pocus and The Silence of the Lambs and seasonal favorites like Practical Magic and The Rocky Horror Picture Show mixed in with the usual slate of cult films and new releases.

With its 24-foot LED screen set against a dreamy view of the sun setting over South Beach, Rooftop Cinema Club is a haven for fresh air-loving cinephiles. If you’ve never been, here’s how it works: Browse showtimes and purchase your tickets online (prices range from around $20 to $30). Before the show, enjoy the full bar, stock up on snacks and partake in lawn games like corn hole and giant Jenga, or table games like Cards Against Humanity and Connect 4. 

Seats are first come, first served, so be sure to claim your spots early. Once the movie starts, immerse yourself in the moment with the provided wireless headphones (the sound quality is actually pretty great). In the event of a weather disruption, you’ll be able to transfer your ticket to another screening. Oh, and the whole affair is adults-only (hello, date night!). Ready to get cozy up on the sixth floor? Check out Rooftop Cinema Club’s early fall lineup below. 

Rooftop Cinema Miami Beach
Photograph: Aram Event PhotographyRooftop Cinema Miami Beach


September 1: Death Becomes Her at 7:45pm

September 1: Scream (1996) at 10:30pm

September 2: Hocus Pocus at 7:30pm

September 2: Get Out at 10:15pm

September 3: Practical Magic at 6:30pm 

September 3: The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 9:15pm

September 4: The Sandlot at 6:30pm

September 4: Top Gun: Maverick at 9:15pm

September 5: Miss Congeniality at 6:40pm

September 6: Mama Mia! at 6:40pm

September 6: A Star Is Born at 9:25pm

September 7: Edward Scissorhands at 7:25pm

September 7: Half Baked at 10:10pm

September 8: Girls Trip at 7:10pm

September 8: Fight Club at 10:15pm

September 9: Happy Gilmore at 7:55pm

September 9: 50 First Dates at 10:30pm

September 10: Interstellar at 8pm

September 11: Clueless at 7:10pm

September 11: Superbad at 9:45pm

September 12: The Princess Diaries at 6:40pm

September 12: Bridesmaids at 9:35pm

September 13: Brown Sugar at 6:50pm

September 13: True Romance at 9:40pm

September 14: Batman (1989) at 8:45pm

September 15: 27 Dresses at 7:15pm

September 15: Everything Everhwhere All at Once at 10:20pm

September 16: Grease (with Spanish subtitles) at 7:10pm

September 16: The Great Gatsby (2013) at 10pm

September 17: The Wolf of Wall Street at 8pm

September 18: The Notebook at 6:55pm

September 18: The Wood at 10pm

September 19: How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days at 6:50pm

September 19: White Chicks at 9:50pm

September 20: About Time at 6:40pm

September 20: High Fidelity at 9:45pm

September 21: Friday at 9pm

September 22: La La Land at 7pm

September 22: Queen and Slim at 10:10pm

September 23: The Devil Wears Prada at 7pm

September 23: Pulp Fiction at 9:50pm

September 24: Scarface (with open captions) at 8pm

September 25: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at 6:30pm

September 25: Step Brothers at 10pm

September 26: 10 Things I Hate About You at 7:10pm

September 26: Scream (1996) at 9:45pm

September 27: Serendipity at 7:25pm

September 27: 500 Days of Summer at 10pm

September 28: The Nightmare Before Christmas at 7:15pm

September 28: Pretty Woman (with Spanish subtitles) at 9:35pm

September 29: Pride & Prejudice at 7pm

September 29: Goodfellas at 10:10pm

September 30: When Harry Met Sally… at 7:30pm

September 30: Love Jones at 10:10pm

Rooftop Cinema Club
Photograph: John-Warren Hendricks


October 1: Top Gun: Maverick at 8pm

October 2: Hocus Pocus at 7pm

October 2: Wedding Crashers at 9:40pm

October 3: Mean Girls at 7pm

October 3: Scream VI at 9:35pm

October 4: 10 Things I Hate About You at 7pm

October 4: Coming to America (1988) at 9:40pm

October 5: Romeo & Juliet (1996) at 7:10pm

October 5: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) at 10:10pm

October 6: Everything Everwhere All At Once at 6:55pm

October 6: The Great Gatsby (2013) at 10:15pm

October 7: The Super Mario Bros. Movie at 5:30pm

October 7: Love & Basketball at 8pm

October 7: 50 First Dates at 10:50pm

October 8: The Notebook at 6:15pm

October 8: Fight Club at 9:20pm

October 9: Hocus Pocus at 7pm

October 9: Bridesmaids at 9:35pm

October 10: Practical Magic at 6:55pm

October 10: True Romance at 9:40pm

October 11: People’s Choice (vote for your favorite “Demonic Dolls-themed movie) at 6:15pm

October 11: American Psycho at 10pm

October 12: La La Land at 6:40pm

October 12: White Chicks at 9:50pm

October 13: Hocus Pocus (with Spanish subtitles) at 8:10pm

October 13: Scream (1996) at 10:45pm

October 14: The Nightmare Before Christmas at 6pm

October 14: I Know What You Did Last Summer at 8:30pm

October 14: Halloween (1978) at 11pm

October 15: The Mummy (1999) at 6:10pm

October 15: The Shining at 9:15pm

October 16: The Blackening at 7:30pm

October 16: Evil Dead Rise at 10:05pm

October 17: The Conjuring at 7:15pm

October 17: Scary Movie at 10:10pm

October 18: Hocus Pocus at 7pm

October 18: The Ring at 9:40pm

October 19: Death Becomes Her at 6:55pm

October 19: The Silence of the Lambs at 9:40pm

October 20: The Sixth Sense at 7pm

October 20: Scream VI at 9:50pm

October 21: The Addams Family (1991) at 5:30pm

October 21: Hocus Pocus (with open captions) at 8:30pm

October 21: Jennifer’s Body at 11pm

October 22: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at 5:15pm

October 22: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny at 8:40pm

October 23: A Quiet Place at 7:30pm

October 23: The Blackening at 10pm

October 24: Hocus Pocus at 7:20pm

October 24: Final Destination at 10pm

October 25: Get Out at 7:10pm

October 25: The Craft at 9:55pm

October 26: Ghostbusters (1984) (with Spanish subtitles) at 6:50pm

October 26: The Exorcist (1973) at 9:35pm

October 27: Hocus Pocus at 8:15pm

October 27: Friday the 13th (1980) at 10:50pm

October 28: The Nightmare Before Christmas at 5:45pm

October 28: Practical Magic at 8:15pm

October 28: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) at 10:45pm

October 29: The Rocky Horror Picture Show at 6:45pm

October 29: Candyman (2021) at 9:30pm

October 30: Hocus Pocus at 7:15pm

October 30: Scream (with open captions) at 9:50pm

October 31: Hocus Pocus at 7pm

October 31: Halloween at 10:10pm 

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