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The Blakery
Photograph: Elizabeth Pachter

The Blakery is now open at Time Out Market Miami!

One of the city's hottest cookie shops is now in South Beach

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

Happy Monday, happy first day of August and—what we really care about highlighting today—happy opening day for The Blakery!

One of Miami's best cookie shops opens its first brick-and-mortar today and it's—where else?!—but at Time Out Market Miami. The once delivery-only business puts down roots in South Beach, where it'll welcome customers IRL with a stacked menu of never-before-seen cookie creations and cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Founder Blake Warman’s creativity knows no bounds—in a good way—giving us hits like the Cookie Craze, which is loaded with crushed Oreos, Lotus Biscoff and stuffed with cookie butter, and the Dunkaroo Cookie, a yummy nod to the popular snack from the ‘90s. He’s also introducing a special cookie-infused ice cream flavor and cookie ice cream sandwiches, because how else do you expect us to get through this endless summer heat?

His most noteworthy addition, which you should definitely look out for, is a special Time Out Market Miami x The Blakery collab cookie, featuring a flavor you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a spin on classic banana bread (hello, comfort food!) that’s made with a banana-flavored cookie that’s been filled with almond butter and topped with chocolate chunks and walnuts. It’s the perfect afternoon snack or breakfast treat if you’re into starting the day with something sweet, which we absolutely are.

Find The Blakery at Time Out Market Miami starting today—and prepare to kiss your willpower goodbye.

The Blakery x Time Out Market Miami
Photograph: Courtesy The Blakery

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