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Highball cocktail
Photograph: Shutterstock

These delicious mocktails will help you get through Dry January in Miami

Ditching the booze this month? Wet your whistle with these tasty non-alcoholic drinks.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

The running joke on the internet this week is that Dry January is over. We get it. Staying away from booze when the news cycle just won’t let up is near to impossible. But there’s still that small sliver of you that won’t quit. For the few of you still hanging on, we’ve rounded up a list of tasty, non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy on your next visit to the bar. These mocktails are complicated, well-balanced and contain everything you expect from a solid cocktail, minus the booze. Drink to your health, folks!

Salted tomato at Ariete

This is not a riff on a bloody Mary nor is it made from tomato juice. The salted tomato is something entirely different that’s made from the aromatic liquid that releases from a ripe tomato once it’s been cut. Some people find it makes a great base for vinaigrettes while others use it in cocktails. At Ariete, said water is mixed with lemon juice and salted strawberry syrup for a sweet and tangy concoction.

Ariete mocktail
Photograph: Courtesy Ariete

Italian summer at Toscana Divino

The Brickell restaurant distills Italy’s best summertime bounty down to one flavor-packed, savory mocktail. Using a hand mixer, bartenders blend chilled tomato juice, red onion, capers, lemon juice and white balsamic vinegar, then strain the mixture into a champagne glass. The salad-y drink is garnished with a skewer of baby heirloom tomatoes and a dusting of smoked salt, thyme and olive powder.

Toscana Divino mocktail
Photograph: Courtesy Toscana Divino

Handshake piña colada at Kush by Spillover

What kid didn’t love a virgin piña colada? It was what you sipped alongside your boozing parents or what you ordered whenever you wanted to feel a little more adult. Kush by Spillover helps you throw it back to the good ol’ days with hand-shaken version that mixes fresh pineapple, crema de coco and coconut milk. It’s lighter than the frozen one you probably indulged in growing up and with a decidedly more elevated garnish to match your age.

Kush by Spillover mocktail
Photograph: Courtesy Kush by Spillover

Le Jardin at Le Jardinier

The namesake cocktail at this Design District restaurant is the ideal sipper for a hot summer day, which makes it the perfect year-round mocktail in Miami. We’re always in need of something refreshing in the Magic City. Le Jardin made with cucumber juice, mint and fresh herbs, and topped with soda. The fizzy drink is garnished with a mint bouquet, giving you a bonus burst of fragrance every time you take a swig.

Le Jardinier
Photograph: Courtesy Le Jardinier

Kombucha berry mojito at Loews Miami Beach

If it’s a health boost you’re after, this drink has you covered. Made with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries plus raw honey and kombucha, this crimson beauty packs all the antioxidants and sweetness without any artificial sugars.

Loews Miami Beach
Photograph: Courtesy Loews Miami Beach

Mika’s lemonade at Caja Caliente

Watch out, Arnold Palmer: Caja Caliente comes in hot with a rival lemonade combo. Chef Mika’s namesake concoction mixes lemonade with fresh guava juice for a naturally sweetened, locally inspired take on the classic summer drink.

Caja Caliente
Photograph: Courtesy Caja Caliente

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