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Cocktails at Time Out Market Miami

Get to know Time Out Market Miami’s head bartender

Edwin Medina fills us in on the best sips available at Time Out Market Miami, plus what not to do when ordering a drink

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

There’s no shortage of places to drink in this city, but when it comes to Miami bars, we’re partial to the three (yes, plural!) inside Time Out Market Miami. They’re our favorite, in part, because we curated the cocktail menu, which includes delicious contributions from our friends at Sweet Liberty, Broken Shaker and Generator Hostel. Head bartended Edwin Medina is among the group of talented folks slinging these delicious tipples. Below he shares his pick for best cocktail at the market, what goes into making the ornate garnishes and the one thing you should never do at the bar.

What’s your go-to cocktail at Time Out Market?

Keys Bound: It’s our take on the Hemingway daiquiri, but the addition of lychee purée and coconut rum gives the cocktail a tiki component.

The garnishes on the Time Out cocktail menu are quite elaborate. Do you have a favorite?

My favorite garnish is the one we do for our spritz. We make ice spheres with filtered water. Before we fill the molds with the water and freeze them, we place edible wild orchids inside.

Where do you like to drink in Miami after work?

I like to walk over to Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company.  In my opinion, Sweet Liberty has the most talented bartenders in Miami, and they are all inspired by the late John Lermayer, my friend and the genius behind the bar.

What’s the one golden rule that you wish everyone knew about ordering drinks at a bar?

There’s many that I wish everyone knew, but the one rule that would win the gold is: Treat your bartender like you would like to be treated—with respect, kindness and patience.

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